You Don’t Need Drugs to Be Relaxed

You Don’t Need Drugs to Be Relaxed

Posted by Really Smile Sep 05, 2014

NuCalm in Carmel, IN

Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience for some patients. These patients want something to help them calm down. We offer nitrous oxide gas and oral sedatives to these patients, which is great for some. However, what about the patients who prefer not to take a strong medication? What about patients who struggle to take pills? Thanks to our NuCalm system, we are able to offer sedation for all patients.

The NuCalm system is not found is more dental offices around. It is a truly unique system that allows patients to feel like they are going to sleep while we work in their mouth. Even our patients who don’t need sedation have said that NuCalm allows them to enter a deeper state of relaxation while we work. NuCalm is made of four elements: dietary supplement, stimulation patches, noise-cancelling headphones, and light-blocking eye masks.

Working With NuCalm in the Office

Patients who are using NuCalm in the office are in a fantastic state for dental work. NuCalm simulates the first stage of sleep, so the patient feels completely heavy, relaxed, and ready to go to sleep. A relaxed patient means that we can work easier and more efficiently, getting more work done in a shorter amount of time because we aren’t having to calm an anxious patient. When the patient’s procedure is complete, we can help them wake up and then send them on their way!

Sedation is a fantastic aspect of dental care that is gaining popularity and variety. If you would like to be sedated for your dental work, but don’t want to take a strong drug, we recommend NuCalm sedation. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure, and let us help you get the dental care you need without the worry!

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