You Don’t Need A Scalpel to Look Years Younger

You Don’t Need A Scalpel to Look Years Younger

Posted by Really Smile Jul 03, 2014

Facelift in in Carmel, IN

The search for the fountain of youth is still turning up empty, which leaves us looking for other ways to rejuvenate our looks! You might see or know people who turn to cosmetic surgery in order to look younger. Maybe you have friends or coworkers who try botox and who knows what else! Maybe you are tempted to try these things, too. Before you make an appointment with a surgeon, make an appointment with us! Our Non-Surgical Facelift will have you looking years younger without ever going under the knife!

The idea behind this procedure is to notice what happens to the face over time. As you age, your teeth wear down, causing what is known as bite collapse. Bite collapse causes your face to change shape. Slowly, your nose and chin get closer and closer together, leaving you with extra wrinkles, thin lips, and a tired expression that seems to shout, “OLD!” to everyone who looks at you. We can turn this process around, making you look and feel decades younger.

How it Works

The overall idea is to add more space between your nose and chin to rejuvenate your facial structure by elongating your face. We can do that using cosmetic dentistry practices, like veneers, braces, and laser gum contouring. Each of these practices can help lengthen the look of your teeth, and create a more attractive look to your mouth with fuller lips and longer teeth. Our results are consistent and with little to no recovery time required.

If you are wanting to look younger without going under the knife, our Non-Surgical Facelift is a great option for you! Our approach is to give you the look you want with the least amount of discomfort possible! Contact us today to learn more about how we can take you from frump to fabulous! We would love to get you started on the process soon!

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