Worried About Bite Collapse? We Can Help!

Worried About Bite Collapse? We Can Help!

Posted by Really Smile Oct 17, 2015

Bite Collapse in Carmel IN

A lot about your body changes as your age! Your skin loses elasticity, your eyesight gets worse, and you just can’t seem to shed those last few pounds! In addition to those bodily changes that are also a lot of things happening in your mouth! Your teeth can be worn down from years of use, your gums can end up receding, and you can even end up losing teeth!

At Really Smile Dentistry we see a lot of patients who are concerned about the changing shape of their face. When your teeth get smaller or fall out you may notice your lower jaw starting to drift up, making your face look squished! This is an alarming part of aging that no one wants to go through!

We’re proud to offer non-surgical treatment for this condition at our Carmel dentist office. Using a technique called a non-surgical facelift we can have you looking just the way you used to in no time at all!

What Is A Non-Surgical Facelift?

There are a number of techniques and treatments that can go into a non-surgical facelift – it all depends on what you need!

We start your non-surgical facelift consultation with a full exam of your teeth, bone structure, gums, and all the internal parts of your facial structure that affect your teeth. Using our advanced dental cone beam scanner we can see every detail of the inside of your mouth in high-definition 3D!

Using the results from your 3D model we can determine just what kind of dental care you’ll need to get back to your original facial profile.

Types Of Treatments Used

Depending on the reasons for your bite collapse there could be a whole series of treatments needed to correct it! We’ll outline a comprehensive treatment plan when we see you at our Carmel dentist office – your treatment will be unique to YOUR needs!

  • Some bite collapse patients are dealing with teeth that have shifted out of place and caused a severe under or overbite! For these cases we can use orthodontic treatments like Invisalign to correct tooth position and alignment. Further treatment may be needed to permanently move the jaw forward.
  • Dental restorations can be used to replace missing teeth, repair those ground down or severely decayed, and even replace whole rows of teeth! Whether you need a single implant, bonding, veneers, or a full mouth rejuvenation we have the tools to do it!
  • If worn down teeth have left you with a gummy smile we can use state-of-the-art dental lasers to reshape your gumline to show off the hidden parts of your teeth! This kind of therapy is often combined with crowns or veneers to give your teeth the best possible look.

Will A Non-Surgical Facelift Benefit Me?

If you’re wondering about the potential benefits of a non-surgical facelift we urge you to visit Really Smile Dental for a consultation. We won’t just give you an exam and take 3D images – we’ll also SHOW you what your final result will look like!

That’s right – we have the technology to create a model of your face that will show what all the treatments in your plan will do! You’ll be able to see your restored facial profile, your new smile, and the look you’ll show off to the world in 3D before we even begin the first procedure!

If anything about your treatment results is beneath your expectations then we’ll simply make changes until it’s perfect! It’s an amazing technology that we are able to share with you so we can create the perfect smile!

Don’t Wait – Your New Smile Is Here With Us!

Every minute you spend thinking whether you need a non-surgical facelift is one more minute in which you aren’t getting the treatment you need! Let us take a look and see what we can do for you – we’ll never pressure you into treatments you don’t want!

Call Really Smile Dentistry today at 317-597-8748! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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