Why a Routine Appointment is an Important Investment

Why a Routine Appointment is an Important Investment

Posted by Really Smile Dec 01, 2014

Routine Appointment in Carmel, IN

Understanding investments is very important. Throughout your life, you will invest your money in many things, and you will love seeing the results. You will invest in regular car maintenance, and you will see a car that lasts for many years to come. You will invest in books for your children and see them grow as learners. You will invest in the financial system and see hopefully see great returns. What about investing in your smile? If you are wise, you’ll be making that investment every six months.

Every six months, we should see you here in the office for a routine exam and cleaning. During this appointment, we will check for signs of decay so that we can stop the progression. We will clean your teeth of any infection that might be starting. We will look for signs of serious problems like oral cancer or bruxism. Overall, we will do maintenance on your smile so that you can expect to keep it for many, many years to come.

The Trouble

Routine maintenance for your smile is very wise indeed, yet about half of our citizens don’t see a dentist regularly. Many patients are too afraid of the office to invest in their smiles. We are looking to change that by offering comfort measures here in the office. We offer oral sedation (a prescription pill), but we also offer a relaxation technique called NuCalm, which allows you to be completely comfortable without having to take any medication.

The good news for all patients is that routine appointments lead to less work down the road. Why not enjoy a relaxing appointment every six months instead of waiting for a frightening appointment every few years? Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your next appointment completely comfortable, and start investing in your smile!

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