Who Can Benefit From Invisalign?

Who Can Benefit From Invisalign?

Posted by Really Smile Feb 21, 2016

Invisalign in Carmel, IN

Let’s face it: not too many of us are born with great teeth. There’s always something you want to fix, and no matter how minor it is it’s important to you! If you’re an adult who has considered orthodontic care you’ve probably at least heard of Invisalign.

You might be wondering if you can benefit from an Invisalign treatment – many people think that it’s only for the most minor issues. In reality our Carmel dentist office can treat you for a variety of issues that you might not have thought was possible with Invisalign!

More Than Just The Simple Fixes

Invisalign treatment involves wearing clear plastic aligners to slowly straighten your teeth over the course of about a year – that’s just half the time of traditional braces! With that kind of speed you would assume that there were far fewer treatable cases, right?

While there are extreme cases of misalignment that Invisalign can’t fix there are plenty of cases where these easy-to-wear and invisible aligners are the perfect ticket to a Hollywood smile.

Invisalign can exact such precise changes because of the advanced 3D modeling techniques used to predict the movement of each individual tooth. After creating a digital impression of your mouth we can manipulate your teeth one by one to achieve the perfect final position. The computer planning software then models the movement of each tooth over the course of treatment, giving us predictable, reliable results.

So what can Invisalign do for you?

No More Minding The Gap

This one might seem obvious, but in truth Invisalign can handle some pretty big gaps. Whether you have just a little gap between your front teeth or simply have a mouth that’s too large for all your teeth combined, Invisalign can scoot them together in a nice, straight alignment.

Thinning Out The Crowd

Crowded teeth aren’t a big deal for Invisalign. We have treated a number of patients with crowded teeth and have managed to reposition them perfectly. It’s important not to let teeth crowding stay that way – it can actually get worse over time, resulting in the need for more drastic intervention.

Crowded teeth are also harder to keep clean – there are more tight spaces for plaque to hide in that you can’t clean! If you have teeth that are nearly impossible to floss there’s a good chance you’re suffering from overcrowding. Don’t let your teeth fall prey to decay and gum disease when Invisalign could improve your look and health!

Over/Under? How About Even.

An overbite or underbite can have a drastic effect on your appearance. Invisalign can fix them both. While and over or underbite might seem like a simple cosmetic issue they can both cause far more problems over time.

Over and underbites can lead to an unnatural default position for your jaw, which in turn can cause joint pain, shifting teeth, and eventual TMJ. Just one year of Invisalign can fix your bite alignment, prevent jaw problems, and give you the beautiful, perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Trade An Open Bite For An Open Smile

If you have teeth that simply don’t meet when you close your mouth you’re suffering from an open bite. This condition can cause difficulty chewing your food, speech impediments, and even eventual jaw problems.

Fixing an open bite isn’t difficult with Invisalign. We can move those teeth into alignment, and all without anyone noticing you’re undergoing treatment. All they’ll see is your beautiful new smile!

Uncross That Bite!

A crossbite can be a serious problem for your oral health if left untreated. If you have teeth that bite down on the middle or inner sides of your other teeth then you’re suffering from a crossbite. Without treatment this can lead to premature wear on your teeth, which in turn can result in tooth decay and gum disease.

In extreme cases a crossbite can cause looseness in the affected teeth, which could even lead to eventual loss!

Let Invisalign Be Your Smile’s Saving Grace

You don’t need to live with any of these different forms of malocclusion when Invisalign is available at our Carmel office. We would love to show you everything we can do for your smile with this amazing treatment – all it takes is that first phone call to Really Smile Dentistry for a consultation.

Give yourself something to smile about and call us today. You can reach our office at 317-597-8748 or you can request an appointment time by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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