Whitening your Teeth

Whitening your Teeth

Posted by Really Smile Jul 21, 2014

teeth Whitening  in Carmel, IN

Many consumers simply buy any whitening systems from the retail stores or online shops and then apply it without even consulting their dentist. Instead of improving their smile, they end up with inflamed gums and uneven colored teeth.

The best way to whiten your teeth is to consult top Indiana cosmetic dentist Dr. Smith so he can show you how to do it properly.

During your scheduled visit, the dentist will provide you with the necessary information about teeth whitening, the requirements before the treatment, the factors that causes discoloration, and other details. Feel free to discuss the results you want to achieve and he’ll gladly assist you.

Examination and preparation
In order to assess your suitability for the treatment, an examination including a review of your medical and oral history will be performed. Your dentist will examine your mouth and check for cavities, sensitivity, loose teeth, and other issues. Dental problems like these should be treated first.

In addition to this, he’ll discuss your oral hygiene, lifestyle habits, and past/present medications. These are just some of the factors that can contribute to the discoloration. Furthermore, he’ll clean your teeth thoroughly to keep them free from plaque and tartar.

Upon verification, your dentist will give you options. If you opt for an in-office teeth whitening treatment, he’ll start the procedure by covering your gums, lips, and cheeks to protect them during the application of the bleaching agent.

The whitening solution will be applied directly to your teeth. He may give you take-home kit or ask you to come back to achieve the right shade. You’ll also be given instructions on how to maintain the color of your teeth.

Get safe and effective teeth whitening treatment with the help of Indiana top cosmetic dentist Dr. David A. Smith. For appointment, please call 317-597-8748.

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