Whitening for Deep Staining

Whitening for Deep Staining

Posted by Really Smile Nov 12, 2014

Whitening  in Carmel, IN

Having a whiter, more attractive smile is at the top of all of our lists. Very few people are satisfied with the color of their smile, but most won’t do much to change that. Some might try over the counter whitening kits with mixed success, but the real problem comes for patients who try whitening but don’t get very good results. These patients have extreme staining, and we are here to provide a solution.

Extreme stains are generally caused by one of two things. Tobacco use is to blame for some of these stains, but we are also seeing a lot of staining caused by tetracycline. Tetracycline stains are caused by some forms of antibiotics. Both of these types of stains are deep and difficult to get rid of. Over the counter products won’t touch these stains, and most in-office products won’t either. One of the only whitening products to take care of these deep stains is KöR whitening.

The Power of KöR

KöR whitening is a deep bleaching system that patients with extreme staining can rely on. The product can be placed here in the office for optimal results. The active ingredients go deep into the tooth enamel to remove tobacco and tetracycline stains so that you get the beautiful color of your teeth back! There’s no reason to continue to walk around ashamed of your smile when we have the ability to offer KöR whitening.

KöR will absolutely change your view of whitening. There is no better way to get the smile of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more. We would love to show you the power of KöR and help you get the smile of your dreams.

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