When a Filling Goes Wrong

When a Filling Goes Wrong

Posted by Really Smile Oct 31, 2014

Filling in Carmel, IN

Lots of things happen in your mouth as you age. Your teeth get worn and sometimes weaken, and your ability to fight off cavities is sometimes jeopardized by dry mouth symptoms or problems with your immune system. You don’t have to be “old” to see changes in your teeth, though. Sometimes young people are the ones suffering from problems due to work they had done as children. One example is fillings that have gone wrong.

We said fillings that have “gone wrong,” but in actuality, we always knew the filling wouldn’t last for the rest of your life, especially if it is amalgam. These fillings are strong, but they have a tendency to leak or weaken your tooth causing serious issues. We check your fillings at each routine appointment, and sometimes we find that your tooth can no longer support the filling. When that happens, we need to get to work immediately!

A Crown’s Repair

As your tooth carries that filling for years on end, eventually it will break, especially if the filling is large. With routine appointments, we can often catch the weakening before you experience the pain of a broken tooth. When we see it happening, we recommend a crown. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over your unhealthy tooth. We bond it into place, and it provides the support and structure your tooth needs to continue functioning in your mouth.

Even when fillings reach the end of their usefulness, we are able to repair your tooth and give you many more years of a healthy tooth! Contact us today to set up your next appointment because the best way to prevent serious problems is to have an exam done about every six months. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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