Understanding Fillings

Understanding Fillings

Posted by David A Smith Dec 05, 2014

fillings in Carmel, IN

Have you ever felt like you’ve experienced something so many times that it’s just not news anymore? That’s the way a lot of people feel when they hear the word filling. Even if they have not experienced fillings, they are sure to have heard about them! The average American will have at least one filling by the time they are 17, and most of us will have more than one by that point. Fillings are so common that we often worry that our patients don’t fully realize how powerful those little fillings are.

To really understand a filling, you should understand what is happening to your tooth. Some people think sugar causes cavities, but that’s not exactly true. When food particles (sugar or otherwise) are left on your teeth, bacteria go there to feast. The bacteria produce an acid that weakens the enamel forming a soft spot, which is the first sign of decay. The decay will continue to spread, causing a cavity. If left untreated, that cavity will grow until the entire tooth is no longer viable and must be removed.

The Humble Filling

When we hear that we need a filling, few of us really take the moment to realize that without that filling, our tooth is in serious damage. Luckily for us, we have the option to receive a simple filling. A bit of work to remove the decayed area, and some composite resin material to fill the leftover space, and there you have it! The procedure is so simple and so common that we rarely think about the alternative.

The next time you hear us say “cavity,” you’ll know that there’s no reason to worry. One simple restoration will take protect your tooth from an untimely end. Contact us today to learn more about the cavity filling procedure. It is simple, but vitally important to your smile. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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