Two Sedation Options Unique to Really Smile

Two Sedation Options Unique to Really Smile

Posted by Really Smile Mar 17, 2015

sedation dentistry  in Carmel, IN

Dentistry is always changing. In fact, if you blink too many times in a year, you’ll miss something new that is happening for patients’ comfort and efficient care! It seems like each and every day, something is upgraded, now available, or a brand new idea.

We keep up with these changes, and we help you figure out which changes are worth the hype and which changes are not! One of the latest improvements to dental care has been the implementation of various forms of sedation.

Sedation has completely changed the realm of dental care! We used to be able to offer a little bit of comfort, but now, we have the ability to offer any level or form of sedation you can imagine! This isn’t a luxury of all dental practices, however. Today, we want to explain a couple of sedation options that make Really Smile a very unique dental practice in the Indianapolis area!

The Limits of “The Other Guys”

You see, we know that sedation is really popular right now, and it’s no wonder. Patients who have been avoiding the dentist are FINALLY able to get great care in complete comfort. Being afraid of the dentist can be a thing of the past with the assistance of dental sedation! Sedation is all over the advertising of dental offices around the country, but there are often limits that you don’t fully realize!

You see, most dentists will offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, and some will offer oral conscious sedation, but that’s where they stop! They offer sedation, but not many options. A growing number of offices can offer IV sedation, but it’s pretty rare. Almost no dental offices are able to offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and MORE, but WE CAN! Let’s take a look!

Sleep Dentistry

The term sleep dentistry gets tossed around and played with quite a bit, but the definition of sleep dentistry is sedation that involves general anesthesia. There will be no consciousness, no waking, and no memory of your work. Sleep dentistry is often reserved for patients living with dental phobia or undergoing a massive amount of dental work. In order for sleep dentistry to be safe and effective, you need to know that there is a certified system in place. Let us share ours.

In-Office Anesthesiologist – We don’t let just anyone play with anesthesia! We have an in-office, certified anesthesiologist who takes care of all of our sleep dentistry patients with diligent, and effective care!

Hospital-Grade Monitoring Equipment – We don’t play guessing games. We have invested in hospital-grade monitoring equipment to assure that you are SAFE while you are under sedation.

Complete Work with NO FEAR and NO DISCOMFORT – Once you are comfortable, we will complete your quality work while you relax with absolutely no fear and no discomfort! You’ll wake up with your brand new smile!


Sedation sounds really nice, but what if you are unable or unwilling to partake of a chemical sedation technique? What if you don’t want to put drugs into your body? We completely respect your decision, which is why we also offer a state of the art relaxation method that is drug-free!

Drug-Free Relaxation – We understand your apprehension about being pumped with drugs before every dental appointment. Even with the safety measures we have in place, it’s not right for every patient, but NuCalm can give you exactly what you need!

The Four-Part System – In order for NuCalm to work, we must use a four-part system. We will use a supplement to counteract your adrenaline (caused by fear), a patch placed behind your ear that will stimulate relaxation, noise-cancelling headphones, and light-blocking glasses or mask. These four parts work together to put you in a relaxed state similar to the first stage of sleep. Learn more about the system.

Successful Appointments – NuCalm has given our patients successful appointments beyond their wildest imagination! Even patients who have never been afraid or anxious at the dentist have tried NuCalm and absolutely loved the experience!

Make Your Appointment Today!

Are you ready to find a better option for your next dental appointment? You don’t have to feel nervous, and you don’t have to fear the sedation technique! We offer something for everyone.

Contact us today to set up an appointment or consultation. We would love to hear from you soon, so don’t hesitate to call! We have a space saved for you on our appointment calendar!

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