Tooth Regeneration: Is It In Our Future?

Tooth Regeneration: Is It In Our Future?

Posted by Really Smile May 21, 2016

Tooth Regeneration in Carmel, IN

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you: it’s the middle of winter. It’s cold, snowy, and there’s ice everywhere. You’ve just come home from a long day of work, and while leaving your car you slip on the ice. The unthinkable happens and you bang your face on a step, instantly shattering a tooth.

We hope you never have to experience a situation like that, because you know what’s probably coming with it: the loss of that damaged tooth. Your replacement options are limited, and expensive, but what if there was another option: Could you soon be coming to our Carmel office to have your teeth regrown?

The Secret To Tooth Regrowth, Unlocked

With so much research being done in genetics nowadays it’s amazing how much information we’ve found out about ourselves. One of the most recent discoveries has led scientists to believe that tooth regeneration could be possible some time in the future, a prospect that definitely gets our attention!

It all starts with a gene we have in common with creatures like sharks and alligators, both of whom can regrow teeth their entire lives. As humans we’re limited to just two complete sets, but here’s the really interesting part: the genes that we use to get that second set is the same gene that sharks and alligators use!

Millions and millions of years ago we all shared a common ancestor who spent life hunting for food and living in constant fear of predators. As we evolved away from the need to constantly regrow teeth we ended up with just two sets that get us through the amazing amount of growth we do.

But what if we could unlock that gene? Once our adult teeth grow in the gene basically “deactivates,” leaving us with just enough teeth to get through life. If we could find a way to flip the switch back to the on position we might just be able to regrow teeth on demand!

You probably aren’t going to find a scientist in the world who says we’re ready to do that, though. In reality we’re a long ways off from being able to simply regenerate teeth when we have an accident or lose them to decay and gum disease.

So what do we do to replace teeth right now? There’s no way we can do something that works just as well as a natural tooth, right?

The Current State-Of-The-Art In Tooth Replacement

While we’re not able to replace lost teeth with new ones grown naturally we can do something that’s just as stable, just as long-lasting, and just as natural looking as a real tooth. The solution to tooth loss problems in today’s world is dental implants.

Using nothing more than a small titanium screw we can place an anchor that binds to your jaw just as firmly as a natural tooth. Titanium is the implant material of choice because it’s so amazing at integrating with bone – dental implants can easily last for life with proper care.

Once an implant is healed we can restore it with an amazingly lifelike crown, or even a bridge for replacing multiple lost teeth. Patients who get implants are amazed by how good they look – some even forget which tooth is the implant and which are natural!

Dental implants don’t only provide a cosmetic solution; they’re also the best way to keep the rest of your mouth healthy after tooth loss. Other tooth replacement methods, like a bridge or dentures, don’t stop the bone loss that comes along with tooth loss. Over time this leads to other teeth shifting or coming loose until you end up with a chain reaction of lost teeth!

If you’re excited about regrowing teeth naturally you’re probably going to be waiting for a long while. In the meantime you can still enjoy tooth replacement that provides the same security, reliability, and great natural look as real teeth. We’re sure you’ll love what we can do with just a single dental implant!

Find Out How We Can Help

Whether you’ve lost a single tooth in an accident or a whole bunch of them to gum disease and decay we want to help. Our Carmel dental team is ready to show you exactly what we can do for your smile with dental implants, and we’re confident you’ll love the results!

If you’re ready to discover the great new smile that can be created with dental implants don’t wait – call Really Smile today at 317-597-8748. If you would prefer, you can also schedule an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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