Tooth Loss: Is It Really Inevitable?

Tooth Loss: Is It Really Inevitable?

Posted by Really Smile Oct 05, 2015

Tooth Loss in Carmel IN

There’s a common belief that aging = tooth loss. We hear questions from patients at our Indianapolis dentist office all the time about losing teeth! Some think it’s inevitable and want to plan for the future and others want to know how the can stop it.

We’re here today to tell you that tooth loss is never inevitable and that there are plenty of things you can do to prevent the need for dentures or dental implants as you age! At Really Smile we’re big on helping you keep a healthy smile for life and we want to share tips on keeping your teeth healthy for years to come!

What Causes Tooth Loss?

At first it seems like tooth loss is complicated. How much can go wrong and how many ways can it happen? It’s deceptively simple and there’s one root cause for tooth loss across the board: harmful plaque bacteria!

Plaque bacteria is the stuff in your mouth that consumes sugar and spits out acids that harm your teeth and gums. That acid weakens enamel, causes tooth decay, gets under your gums to cause infection, and slowly ruins your smile!

If teeth are excessively decayed they may have to be extracted and gum disease also causes serious damage to your oral health! As bacteria weakens your gums they start to pull away from your teeth. This loosens your teeth and causes them to wiggle around until they eventually come out completely!

Tooth Loss Prevention Tips

Your oral health has a direct link to your overall health – especially as you age! If you’ve ever worried about losing teeth you might primarily be considered about your looks and eating your favorite foods but those are the least of your concerns! Studies find that tooth loss is directly related to life expectancy and early death!

Always Brush And Floss!

The bacteria that causes tooth decay always finds ways to hide itself. You’d be surprised how easily it can sneak into the tightest spots on your mouth, which is exactly why it’s so important to practice good oral hygiene! Always brush twice a day for at least two minutes and floss in the evenings. By keeping up on your home care you can easily stop decay and tooth loss!

Make sure to use a toothpaste with fluoride in it to protect and reinforce your teeth!

Professional Cleanings: Essential!

As you age your immune system can weaken. When that happens your body has less of an ability to fight off infection! Your teeth can end up damaged, decayed, and harmed much faster than a younger person! Regular cleanings and exams at our Indianapolis dentist office can detect, treat, and eliminate threats before they become serious!

Eat Well To Preserve Your Teeth

One of the biggest drawbacks to tooth loss is how it can affect your diet. Even just a few lost teeth can make it hard to eat nutritious, healthy foods that help maintain your oral health and keep your teeth healthy! It’s important to eat well now! Avoid sugar, excess carbohydrates, and food that offers no nutritional value. Pile up the fresh veggies, protein-rich foods, and calcium-filled dairy products!

Stay Hydrated!

It can be harder to stay hydrated as you age, so make sure you’re always drinking enough water! Staying hydrated promotes overall health and also helps produce saliva, which is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth. Saliva washes away food particles, removes bacteria, and neutralizes acids! Ever have that gross feeling you get with a dry mouth? That’s bacteria having a field day – don’t let it get away with it!

Don’t Neglect Your Oral Health!

Preserving your teeth can be easy, but it’s just as easy to slip into bad habits! Don’t let yourself end up seeing us at Really Smile because you’ve lost teeth – see us now while you’re still healthy!

Call our Carmel dentist office today to schedule an appointment. You can reach us at 317-597-8748 and you can also schedule an appointment by filling out our convenient online form. We look forward to helping you live a long, healthy, happy life!

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