Three Ways to Battle Sleep Apnea Without Using a CPAP

Three Ways to Battle Sleep Apnea Without Using a CPAP

Posted by Really Smile Sep 26, 2014

CPAP in Carmel, IN

Patients struggling with sleep apnea are often prescribed a sleeping mask and CPAP machine to force air down the airway to prevent episodes associated with sleep apnea. The problem is that less than half of sleep apnea patients are willing to wear a sleeping mask, leaving the majority of patients at risk for the health concerns associated with breathing disorders like sleep apnea. If you’re one who avoids the CPAP, we have a few other ideas to help you work against your disorder in a more comfortable way.

1) Lose Weight
Sleep apnea is often associated with being overweight or obese. For every 10% body fat increase, your sleep apnea will worsen by 30%. The same is true for losing weight. By dropped some of your weight, you could greatly improve your sleep apnea symptoms.

2) Change Sleep Positions
Sleeping on your back will often make sleep apnea worse. Try sleeping on your side or stomach to work with gravity to keep your airway open.

3) Oral Appliances
Oral appliances from Really Smile make dealing with sleep apnea much easier. The appliance is much more comfortable than a CPAP machine, which makes it more appealing to most sleep apnea patients and their partners who don’t like listening to the machine!

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects millions each evening. With a few lifestyle changes, the symptoms can improve greatly, leaving you with much more sleep! Contact us today if you are ready to get more rest. We can’t wait to help you improve your health today!

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