Three Cosmetic Solutions to Prepare For the Holidays

Three Cosmetic Solutions to Prepare For the Holidays

Posted by Really Smile Dec 13, 2014

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The popular song, “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” is just one piece of evidence that we would all love for our smiles to be completely in tact for the holiday season. Over this next month, we will see all sorts of family, friends, and co-workers along with all of their families! We want to look our best, and that begins with your smile! Below are three quick procedures we can do to help you have the holiday smile of your dreams!

Bonding – For teeth with minor flaws like chips, cracks, and discoloration, we can use bonding material to repair your smile leaving you with a happy, healthy look. The bonding material will blend perfectly with your natural teeth making sure no one knows you’ve recently had work done.

Whitening – Some smiles just aren’t the color we’d like for them to be after years of coffee and red wine. In one or two sessions of our whitening procedure, we can turn that smile into something magical once again!

Veneers – The veneer procedure takes the longest of these three, and is only necessary for moderate to severe flaws in your smile. This procedure takes 2-3 appointments to plan your procedure, take impressions, and place the veneers in your smile.

Prepare for the holidays in a few easy steps. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment, and we’ll get to work to help you achieve your smile goals. We can’t wait to help you have an amazing smile before the first holiday party takes place!

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