The Natural Way to Fight Dental Anxiety

The Natural Way to Fight Dental Anxiety

Posted by Really Smile Apr 01, 2014

Dental Anxiety in Carmel, IN

Sedatives have helped countless patients by enabling them to undergo the necessary dental procedures despite their varying degrees of dental anxiety. But for patients who are unluckily allergic to sedatives such as benzodiazepines need not skip treatment nor proceed with it in such an anxious state. With NuCalm sedation available at Dr. David A. Smith’s Really Smile Dentistry clinic in Indiana, you can enjoy the benefits of sedation dentistry without the risk of contraindications.

NuCalm is a revolutionary technique that uses the body’s natural relaxation mechanism to bring you quickly and safely into a relaxed conscious state, similar to the first stage of sleep. You’ll feel the way you do when you are about to fall asleep and you’ll feel this way all throughout the procedure, yet still be conscious to hear Dr. Smith’s prognosis. The system puts your mind and body in a calm, meditative state where it will be incapable of feeling anxiety.

The NuCalm sedation method consists of a fast-acting, chewable dietary supplement that counteracts adrenaline, a hormone and neurotransmitter associated with energy and excitability. Upon taking the supplements, you will be fitted with micro-current stimulation patches behind each ear to promote relaxation as well as noise-cancelling headphones that will play soothing music and light-blocking eye masks to block off visual stimuli.

Patients who are not allergic to sedatives yet prefer natural methods over having chemical narcotics or controlled substances in their system can also benefit from the NuCalm technique. Not only will you have less natural resistance to interfere with the procedure to make it more accurate and faster to finish, post-treatment under NuCalm is also much more comfortable compared to that under typical sedation techniques that take time to wear off, requiring you to have a companion on stand-by to assist you afterwards.

Be among the many that have tried and proven NuCalm to be an effective anxiety-buster when you avail of cosmetic and restorative dental services and orthodontic treatment from Indiana top cosmetic dentist Dr. Smith at his Carmel, IN dental clinic. Call 317-597-8748 for your appointment.

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