Teaching Your Family to Love Water

Teaching Your Family to Love Water

Posted by Really Smile Oct 17, 2014

Water in Carmel, IN

When you step into the grocery store, you make choices that will impact your entire family’s entire health. It’s astounding to think about how much is determined by the things that find their way into your grocery cart. We see a lot of patients struggling to find healthy beverages for their families. It’s difficult because some beverages might seem like a good idea, but they are actually going to cause more harm than good.

We are talking, particularly, about things like juice, sports beverages, and fruity waters with added sugar. These things seem like a good option for your family, but the sugar content makes sipping from these bottles a big problem for your smile. Water should be your family’s beverage of choice, but how do you convince them to give up their sweet drinks for plain water? Spice things up!

Making Water Fun

Drinking water as your primary beverage is the healthiest decision you can make for your smile. If you’re out of the habit, it doesn’t take much to get back in the groove, but your kids and family might need more convincing. Make water fun by adding fruit or fresh herbs, like mint, to a pitcher. You can find hundreds of recipes online. Your goal is to make your water more fun without adding sugar!

Finding ways to make water more fun is an endless cycle. We know you’ll find clever things to do from adding fruit to making fun ice cubes to letting your kids drink from a funny straw! Find what works in your house, and drink more water! Contact us for more benefits you’ll see from water. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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