Solutions to missing teeth

Solutions to missing teeth

Posted by Really Smile Jan 01, 2014

Missing Teeth in Carmel, IN

Lost teeth getting you down, making you feel self-conscious and less sociable? You’re not alone. Thousands of Americans agree that a great smile, which, of course, also means a great set of teeth, makes a good first impression. Missing or bad teeth, on the other hand, are not attractive and they don’t inspire confidence. The condition affects how people view themselves and how others perceive them. People with unsightly set of teeth often have low self esteem. Some even get depressed or have anxiety attacks over the appearance of their smile.


You don’t have to suffer through missing teeth. Your Carmel, IN dentist Dr. David A. Smith offers many solutions. You can consider wearing dentures. Dentures, one of the most common solutions to missing teeth, are removable prostheses that are crafted to look like real teeth and adjacent tissues. They can help improve speech, the ability to chew, and they help remaining teeth stay in place, preventing misaligned or gapped teeth. Dentures can also help keep facial muscles from sagging; they can enhance your smile and your facial appearance. They’re also affordable. With proper care, dentures can last for years. Regular visits to the dentist would be needed to check the fit and appearance of the dentures and examine overall health of the teeth and gums.


A dental bridge is another solution to lost teeth. To create a bridge, your dentist will fit caps over the teeth nearest the gap left by missing teeth. These will anchor the pontics or prosthetic teeth that will fill in the gap. Natural teeth and dental implants can serve as anchors to the pontics.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent and durable solutions to missing teeth. An implant is made of a tooth root that’s surgically attached to the jawbone. Once the incision has healed and the tooth root has fused with the jawbone, a crown is used to cover the tooth root. Dental implants help restore function, allowing you to speak with confidence and enjoy the food you love.

Contact Really Smile today at 317-597-8748 to find out more options for missing teeth that can boost your confidence and change your life. Dr. Smith will discuss goals and recommend options that will suit you best. You may also get in touch with our Carmel, Indiana dental office by filling out our online form.

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