Scared Of The Dentist? Let Us Help!

Scared Of The Dentist? Let Us Help!

Posted by Really Smile Oct 11, 2015

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One of the most common things we see at Really Smile is patients who are scared of the dentist. Being nervous about dental care is a common phenomenon for patients around the world and it’s no different right here in Indianapolis!

There are quite a few reasons that patients are scared of the dentist and there are also a lot of ways we can help make your treatment easier! If you’ve been delaying dental care for any reason we want to help you get the care you need to keep your teeth healthy. Being proactive about your dental care might be anxiety-provoking but it’s still better than pain, decay, and costly procedures later on!

Why Are You Frightened?

Many patients experience fear for the same reasons. There might have been a bad experience in your past, a dentist who lectured you unfairly, financial worries, or simply anxiety about pain or someone rooting around in your mouth!

Whatever the reason for your fear we’ve based our entire practice around making you feel comfortable and at ease! Our staff are all trained and experienced in treating patients with dental anxiety and phobia. We only hire staff who show compassion, care, and a constructive attitude toward patient concerns!

How Can We Make You Feel Better?

For many patients fear relief is as simple as a good environment, caring staff, and full understanding of the care they’re going to receive. If you consider yourself in this camp we’re confident you’ll feel better the moment you greet our front office staff and see how committed we are to great patient care!

We treat patients like members of a care team. We never make decisions without your input: think of our team like facilitators! We want to work with you to get you the care you need when you need it and exactly how you want it!

If your concerns are financial we’re glad to work with you! We offer multiple financing solutions and we’re also glad to help you take care of insurance paperwork and claims. It can be intimidated to be faced with all those rules and regulations but we know exactly how they work!

Still Scared?

If you read that and thought “that’s great, but I’m still terrified of the dental work itself,” then we’re glad to go the extra mile with dental sedation options. You’d never undergo a complicated medical procedure without sedation so why should dentistry be any different? We offer several different sedation solutions to make your procedures go smoothly!

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is the most common form of dental sedation. It’s delivered through a nosepiece that you wear during your procedure and provides a deep, relaxing level of relief. You’ll still be awake while under the effects of nitrous oxide but you’ll feel sleepy, carefree, and completely at ease! One of the best parts about nitrous oxide is that it wears off almost immediately – you’ll be able to drive home without any trouble and with the knowledge that your visit was stress-free!

Oral sedation is delivered in the form of a pill and provides a much deeper level of relaxation than nitrous oxide. We’ll prescribe you a pill during your initial consultation that you’ll take shorty before coming in to our office. By the time you sit down in the chair you’ll be feeling drowsy and relaxed! Oral sedation lasts longer than nitrous oxide and puts you into a much deeper level of sedation. You’ll still be awake but you’ll be pretty out of it! Oral sedation is also an amnesic, meaning that you probably won’t remember your procedure at all!

We also offer non-chemical sedation in the form of NuCalm. This revolutionary treatment uses a series of stimuli to distract you and put you into a state that feels exactly like the sensation you have as you drift off to sleep in the evening. It consists of:

  • an oral supplement that contains a blend of naturally relaxing herbs and compounds.
  • low-level electrical stimulation that simulates your brain activity right before falling asleep.
  • light-blocking glasses that help trick your brain into thinking it’s time for bed.
  • noise-cancelling headphones that produce constant, relaxing sounds that help you forget all about the things going on around you.

We Want To Make Your Care Great!

Don’t keep away from the dentist just because you’re nervous. We genuinely want to make your experience great and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel completely at ease! It doesn’t matter why you’ve been putting off dental care – we’ll work hard to make you feel good about the future of your oral health!

Do your smile a favor and schedule an appointment at our Carmel dentist office today. We’re also happy to talk about all our anxiety relief options! Call us at 317-597-8748 or request an appointment by filling out our online form.

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