Reasons to Wear Dentures

Reasons to Wear Dentures

Posted by Really Smile Mar 23, 2014

Dentures in Carmel, IN

The idea of wearing dentures to compensate for tooth loss can make you a little uneasy. For starters, you have to do everything that you possibly can to keep them from dropping on a hard surface due to their fragile nature. Secondly, you have to put up with the hassle of taking them off and cleaning them on a daily basis. Aside from that, you eventually need to invest some money on denture replacements, adjustments, or adhesives the moment your jawbone changes shape and causes them to loosen up. Despite the sacrifices you have to make, putting on dentures can actually do you a lot of good.

To rid you of any apprehensions you may have about dentures, we have listed some of the reasons to wear these dental restorations below.

 They give you a huge boost in confidence. When you know that you have a complete set of pearly whites in your mouth, you’ll feel much more confident about yourself.

 They restore your ability to speak and chew normally. Chewing and speaking with dentures may be difficult to begin with, especially since they tend to move a lot. But as soon as you get accustomed to it, you’ll once again be able to speak and chew like you normally would.

 They make it possible for you to look as young as you are. Dentures prevent your facial muscles from collapsing and giving you an aged appearance by providing them an underlying support.

 They allow you to keep the rest of your real teeth. When there are no vacant spots in your mouth, your remaining original teeth won’t drift out of position, making it highly unlikely for you to lose them.

 They can be kept in your possession for a relatively long period of time. Dentures can stay with you for five to ten years.

If you’re quite hesitant to wear dentures, you may talk to your Indiana top cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Smith, here at Really Smile. You may also dial 317-597-8748 or fill out our online form to book a consultation with him.

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