Oral Sedation: The Answer to Dental Phobia

Oral Sedation: The Answer to Dental Phobia

Posted by Really Smile Jan 15, 2014

Oral Sedation in Carmel, IN

If you’re one of the many adults and children who suffer from dental phobia, then you know how difficult it can be to go for even just a routine dental check up. Dental phobia pushes a lot of people to delay or totally skip necessary dental treatments, which then lead to more serious problems like periodontal disease and teeth loss.

How Oral Sedation Helps

Fortunately, patients no longer need to be afraid every time they need to go to their Carmel, IN dental clinic. Oral sedation is an easy way for patients to take sedatives, usually in the form of pills, which can help them relax and overcome dental phobia.

In oral sedation, patients will be asked to take the sedative pill an hour before their appointment. A few minutes later, they will already start feeling calmer and their muscles will become more relaxed. Patients remain awake and are able to converse with the dentist but they will not feel pain or discomfort throughout their treatment.

Dental procedures for patients who have dental phobia can now be improved through oral sedation. A procedure that used to take 6-8 visits can now be finished in just 1 to 2 sessions. It is a safe method and many dentists today use it to successfully treat patients who have unexplained dental fears.

What to Remember

If you will undergo oral sedation, please remember to bring a companion with you during your appointment, just to make sure that you are able to safely drive to and from your Carmel, IN dental clinic. Also, it is advised that you do not drive or operate any vehicle for 24 hours after your treatment.

Oral sedation is just one of the many ways you can receive sedatives during an in-office dental treatment. Call Really Smile today at 317-597-8748 if you would like to know more about other types of sedation dentistry.

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