New Year, New You: Get The Smile Of Your Dreams!

New Year, New You: Get The Smile Of Your Dreams!

Posted by Really Smile Jan 09, 2016

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If you’re planning to turn over a new leaf in the new year there’s probably a lot of things you’re thinking about. Maybe you want to change your hairstyle, or your fashion. Perhaps you want to be more social or finally chase that dream job. No matter what you want to do to improve your life in 2016 there’s something that can only make each opportunity better: a winning smile.

Like it or not your look says a lot about you, and one of the most noticed aspects of your look is your smile. If you aren’t confident with it and keep it hidden that says a lot about you! At Really Smile Dentistry we want to help you by transforming your smile into something you’re proud of. The change that cosmetic dentistry can create is truly amazing – you wouldn’t believe how it could change your life!

What Do You Want To Change?

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry all come down to what you want to change. In most cases we can completely transform you smile with just a single treatment. Some patients come to us wanting more than just one major change and we can still help those people too!

Cosmetic dentistry all has one thing in mind: helping you look your best so that you feel your best. Don’t think of cosmetic dental care as only for people with vanity issues. Your teeth are a fundamental part of your look and you deserve to be happy with them! Don’t settle for a smile that you only tolerate when you could have one you celebrate.

Think about each and every time you were made to feel self conscious about your smile. Did someone say something to you? Did a glimpse in the mirror remind you of the part of your smile you hate? It doesn’t matter what caused it: being self conscious about your smile shows.

When you meet someone for the first time and they give you a bright, warm smile you’re immediately drawn to that person. Contrast that with a tight-lipped smile that doesn’t show any teeth: it just doesn’t look as friendly no matter how pleasant it is! if you’re smiling like that it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you but that won’t stop people from noticing and making their own judgements.

These are the kinds of things we want to help you change with cosmetic dentistry: all the smile flaws that you think need to be transformed. The truth of the matter is that the look of your teeth doesn’t mean anything compared to how you feel about them. Think of your cosmetic care not only as a way to look better, but as a way to achieve peace of mind as well.

Get A New Smile, Feel Good About You

So what do you want to change? Chances are we can make it happen with one of these great services.

  • Invisalign uses clear plastic trays to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing: when they say invisible they mean it. You could get the look you’ve been dreaming of in just about year – that’s half the time of traditional braces!
  • Teeth whitening is the kind of service where “you get what you pay for,” and we strongly advise against paying for an over-the-counter product. We use advanced products, professional strength gels, and custom-formed whitening trays to get you results that will really amaze you.
  • Veneers are like false nails for your teeth. These ultra-thin layers of porcelain are permanently attached to the front of your teeth and can radically transform your appearance. Think brighter, straighter, perfectly shaped, and long-lasting. That’s veneers.
  • Fillings made of metal are a thing of the past. We use modern dental composite to fill your teeth without any visible difference between the filling and your natural tooth. You’ll be able to show off that smile and no one will ever know that you have a single filling.

That’s Just The Tip Of The Cosmetic Iceberg

those are just some of the cosmetic treatments we offer – there’s plenty more where that came from. What we can do with our offerings is to truly change your smile and your life. Our slogan, life changing dentistry, is there for a reason: we believe in empowering you, our patient, to live better. Whether that means whiter teeth or a complete smile makeover we’ll make it happen.

Take control of your smile and your future by scheduling a consultation with us today. You can reach our Indianapolis area dentist office by calling 317-597-8748 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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