Losing Teeth Affects More Than Your Smile

Losing Teeth Affects More Than Your Smile

Posted by Really Smile Dec 21, 2014

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Sometimes we underestimate the effects of poor oral health. We think that it won’t really matter if we lose that tooth, or that we’ll be just fine if we only chew on one side of the mouth. It’s easy to convince yourself until you’re actually deal with the consequences. A lost tooth means a lot, and today we’d like to take a look at just what that means for your smile.

Pain from Lost Tooth

The physical discomfort and trouble that comes with a lost tooth cannot be ignored. As we mentioned above, the simple act of chewing is suddenly much more difficult that it used to be. Then, you consider the fact that only chewing on one side of your mouth causes your jaw joint (TMJ) to become overworked and painful. Your remaining teeth might decide to shift into the empty space causing alignment issues and painful movement in your jaw while you sleep. The list and ramifications go on and on from one lost tooth.

Depression and Anxiety

On top of the physical aspects of losing a tooth, researchers are discovering that there are also mental and emotional effects. A lost tooth can be linked to signs of depression and anxiety. It’s no wonder why. When you can’t smile freely, chew completely, or speak efficiently, you are going to feel frustrated and depressed. If not dealt with in a timely manner, these physical and emotional issues can blow up into something much bigger.

All of these things from one missing tooth? It’s absolutely true, and we’ve seen it in our patients. The joy you feel when you restore a missing tooth is really something magical. Contact us today to learn more about the process for restoring your smile. We would love to help you have the smile of your dreams just in time for the new year!

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