Knowing about Malocclusion

Knowing about Malocclusion

Posted by Really Smile Jul 15, 2014

Malocclusion in Carmel, IN

Occlusion is the proper alignment of your upper and lower teeth. A deviation from normal occlusion is called malocclusion. If the teeth are not properly aligned, they won’t be able to perform properly. This can cause dental problems and other complications.

A poor bite can be caused by genetics, oral habits, or because of tooth loss. Some people inherit mismatched traits from their parents such as tooth size or jaw size. Frequent pressures due to habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier use after the age of 3, and prolonged use of bottle gradually move the teeth out of place. Tooth loss due to trauma or tooth decay may also cause your teeth to shift into the empty space resulting to improper bite

Possible complications
If left untreated, a poor bite could lead to tooth movement, muscle pain, chronic headache, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), tooth wear, tooth fractures, or tooth loss.

Symptoms of malocclusion include excessive tooth wear, sensitivity, jaw joint pain, head and neck muscle pain, and joint noises. Once you experience some of these signs, it is important to consult your Indiana top cosmetic dentist to avoid any complications.

Malocclusion may be treated with the use of a removable orthodontic appliance called Invisalign, a set of clear aligners that moves your teeth into place. It is worn for 20 to 22 hours a day and can be removed when necessary.

You’ll wear the aligners for two weeks and advance to the next stage until the desired result is achieved. It’s an effective treatment for spacing, crowding, overbite, under bite, open bite, and other issues.

Do you have a bite problem? Sit down for a consultation with Dr. David A. Smith so he can check your condition. You may contact your Indiana top cosmetic dentist at 317-597-8748. Call and schedule your next appointment.

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