Know More About Dentures: Conventional, Immediate, Implant-retained

Know More About Dentures: Conventional, Immediate, Implant-retained

Posted by Really Smile Jun 01, 2014

Dentures in Carmel, IN

For people who once had to deal with missing teeth, dentures were probably one of the options they thought about when they were looking for ways to regain their dental functions. After all, dentures have been the most popular way of getting artificial/prosthetic teeth because they’re affordable and accessible at almost all Carmel, IN dental clinics.

However, not all dentures are created equal. They may look similar, but there are actually differences between them. Mostly it’s in the way they are placed on the patient that would tell you what type of dentures they are. The three types of dentures include:

  1. Immediate

These are dentures that are placed right after the extraction of all remaining teeth of a patient. They are pre-made so they might not always have the perfect fit but they are very useful as temporary teeth while the patient waits for his or her conventional/permanent denture set.

  1. Conventional/Permanent

This type of denture is custom-made. An Indiana top cosmetic dentist would need to get impressions of the patient’s teeth and send them to a dental lab in order to have the dentures made. Typically, the patient needs to wait about 8 to 12 weeks before the permanent dentures arrive. Once they do, he will have a final visit at the dental clinic for the dentist to help him fit the dentures.

  1. Implant-retained

Not all types of dentures are removable. Now, a person can choose to have dental implants to secure his artificial teeth. Implants may be more expensive, though, compared to regular dentures but they are really worth the investment especially when you consider the convenience they give to patients. It’s like having your natural teeth back.

It may take a while before you get used to wearing dentures, but the key is to have the best fitting one so you could quickly adjust to it. For a professional and quality denture service, please call Really Smile Dentistry at 317-597-8748.

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