Keeping Your Mouth Healthy While You Get Your Body Healthy

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy While You Get Your Body Healthy

Posted by Really Smile Jan 13, 2015

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This new year, a vast majority of the population has made a resolution to get healthier! It is peak season at the gyms, and this is all such good news for our society. Getting healthier, losing weight, and feeling fit are fantastic goals this new year, but there are some concerns for your smile in this process. Continue reading to see what you need to do to protect your smile while you are getting the rest of your body in shape.

Dehydration and Decay – Decay becomes more likely if your body is dehydrated. It’s a simple fact that your mouth cannot produce the saliva it needs to protect your teeth from bacteria when it is dehydrated. Before, during, and after a workout, drink plenty of water to keep your body and mouth healthy!

TMJ Discomfort – Your TMJ is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. When you are exercising strenuously, there is a very real chance that you could strain your TMJ by clenching or grinding your teeth while you exercise. You’ll know this is happening because you might have a headache or a sore jaw after your activity is finished. Learn to relax your jaw while exercising, or consider wearing a custom mouthguard to protect yourself while getting fit.

Sugary Sports Drinks – What tastes better after a workout than a cold sports drink? We know it tastes great, but the sugar in that sports drink is really bad for your oral health. It is always better to reach for water. It will hydrate and keep your teeth safe. If you struggle with the taste, consider throwing some fresh fruit and herbs in your water bottle to give a boost to you beverage!

Exercising is very important for your overall health, but you must also remember to take good care of your teeth. Contact us today for more tips to help you get the smile (and body) of your dreams. We can’t wait to see you and help you have a happier, healthier smile!

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