Keeping Replacement Teeth In Place

Keeping Replacement Teeth In Place

Posted by Really Smile Apr 17, 2014

 Replacement Teeth in Carmel, IN

Perhaps one of the most uncomfortable things anyone wearing removable replacement teeth would have to endure on a daily basis is living with ill-fitting dentures. Imagine the ordeal of having to eat or speak with dentures that move around in the mouth. Sadly, many have resorted to eating soft foods, taking smaller bites and chewing more slowly, consciously avoiding anything sticky that can cause the dentures to break away. Speaking may not be as easy to adjust and over the risk of being humiliated by slipping dentures, they just tend to withdraw unto themselves and avoid any more social interactions.

Truth is, dentures can start out as great-fitting but natural changes in the gums and bone as we age will cause the fit to change as well. When this happens, it may be time to have it adjusted or replaced with a new one by your dentist. In the meantime that a dental appointment could not be immediately arranged, dental adhesives can help make your dentures stay in place. Denture adhesives and creams provide a strong hold for added security but they should not be used as an excuse not to drop by the clinic.

Better yet, for a more stable and lasting solution to removable dentures that are bound to become loose again over time, you may consider getting implant-retained dentures instead. Such type of dentures consists of implants that are strategically positioned beneath the gums and into the bone to hold the dentures securely in place. A retaining fixture onto which the acrylic base of the dentures is attached snaps on to the implants and can be easily removed when it’s time to clean the dentures and gums underneath it. It’s like getting the best of both worlds, the stability of implants but without having to replace each tooth individually.

Whatever your choice will be, both options are available at your convenience at Dr. David A. Smith’s Really Smile Dentistry clinic in Indiana. This Indiana top cosmetic dentist provides natural-looking dentures that will make you look years younger your friends would think you’ve had a facelift, as well as the mini-dental implant-retained dentures that can give you back the biting and chewing ability to let you eat your favorite foods again. Call 317-597-8748 for a consultation with Dr. Smith at his Carmel, IN dental clinic.

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