Is Snoring Bad for Your Health?

Is Snoring Bad for Your Health?

Posted by Really Smiles Nov 17, 2022

Snoring in Carmel, IN

Do you live in Carmel, IN, and struggle with snoring? If you do, you’re not alone. Approximately two out of every five people in Indiana struggle with this form of sleep apnea, as does the rest of the nation.

While it may seem like a nuisance (especially for anyone sharing your bed), it may actually cause harm to your brain and overall health, potentially resulting in scary diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

According to research, there appears to be a direct relationship between disrupted sleep breathing and cognitive ability. It makes sense, as any stoppage in breathing can disrupt the amount of oxygen that travels through your blood and reaches your brain.

The good news is that researchers found that people in Carmel, Indiana, and the surrounding areas who use devices to prevent snoring can lower the risk of developing brain disease.

Snoring Statistics

So why is snoring such a problem? For starters, it can affect almost anyone. It’s also a form of sleep apnea, which means people who suffer from snoring stop breathing for anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

Here are some other facts about snoring to consider from the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM):

  • An estimated 10 to 12 percent of children snore.
  • Obese or overweight people tend to snore more, as do alcohol and drug users.
  • An estimated 24 percent of adult women and 40 percent of adult men struggle with habitual snoring.
  • Both men and women are more likely to snore as they age and snoring appears to run in families.

The biggest problem with snoring is that it often goes undiagnosed. If you think you may snore, it’s important to get evaluated by a physician, then see our Carmel, Indiana, dental practice for a solution.

Snoring/Sleep Apnea Solutions

Dr. Smith at Really Smile Dental can give you an oral appliance that addresses snoring. There are two basic types of these appliances:

  • Tongue-retaining appliances
  • Jaw-repositioning appliances

Both open the airway and allow you to breathe easy at night. Dr. Smith can customize your device to ensure it fits properly and is comfortable enough to use during sleep.

If you’d like to know more about snoring and sleep apnea — and how you can address these issues — schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith today!

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