Important Questions To Ask About Teeth Whitening

Important Questions To Ask About Teeth Whitening

Posted by Really Smile Apr 25, 2016

teeth whitening in Carmel, IN

You would probably having a hard time finding someone who didn’t want to whiten their smile at least a bit. The stains of coffee, wine, tea, and other foods build up on our teeth and end up causing them to become dull, grey, or even yellow.

Finding a teeth whitening solution that works can seem difficult, or even impossible, but that’s because you’ve probably been looking in the wrong places. Here’s some questions to ask and things to be aware of when you want to get results the first time.

1: Does Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Work?

We’ve talked about this before, and the answer still stands: commercial teeth whitening kits are a crapshoot at best. While you can get results from them it’s difficult to really get what you want. There’s a number of things stacked against commercial teeth whitening kits, none of which are problems if you get whitening done at our Carmel dentist office.

  • Commercial whitening isn’t as strong as the products we can prescribe. You simply won’t be able to get the same dramatic whitening we can provide.
  • Whitening trays in over-the-counter kits aren’t designed to fit your mouth, so they won’t seal in whitening gel properly. This weakens the gel or completely eliminates the whitening effect!
  • Whitening gels are unstable, and if they’re left to sit they’ll get weaker. Who knows how long that kit you bought has been on the shelf, but it’s not going to be as strong as something fresh!

2: What’s In My Whitening Gel And Why Does It Work?

When it comes down to real whitening with real results there’s only one thing that really does the trick: hydrogen peroxide. Professional whitening products all use hydrogen peroxide because it’s so effective at breaking down the molecules that cause stains.

Other products, like carbamide peroxide, still rely on hydrogen peroxide to do the job. Remember how we said that whitening gels left on the shelf lose strength? That’s because hydrogen peroxide is so unstable. Add a urea molecule to it, however, and you’ve got carbamide peroxide, something way more durable.

With durability comes a loss of potency, which is why professional whitening products avoid using anything besides the real deal. Check out the whitening kits at the store – most of them are carbamide, and if they aren’t they’re just weakened hydrogen peroxide. You’re losing out either way.

3: How Do I Know Professional Whitening Will Work?

Aside from the years and years of great whitening results we have to show for it there’s the added knowledge that you’re getting a plan custom tailored to your unique needs. The strength of whitening gels can vary vastly from product to product – even in the professional whitening world. That’s why we always perform an exam and consultation that allows us to select the right product for you.

When you get a professional whitening treatment at Really Smile Dentistry you’re getting something just as customized as any other treatment we provide. From the gel to the custom-made whitening trays, everything comes together to work perfectly for YOU!

4: Do I Need To Constantly Whiten My Teeth?

Let’s be realistic: no amount of bleaching, erasing, or correcting can eliminate wear and tear permanently. Your teeth get a lot of use, and there’s no way that teeth whitening is going to be permanent. As you continue to eat, drink, and live life your teeth will become stained, but whitening can turn back the clock again and again!

The teeth whitening we’re able to perform at our Carmel office breaks up stain particles and keeps your smile white and bright for a long time, but if you continue to smoke, drink coffee or wine, and eat foods that discolor your teeth you won’t have that new shade of white forever. The bottom line is that your white smile will last longer if you ditch some of those staining foods.

Real Whitening Is Possible

Whitening teeth isn’t exactly a fine science – hydrogen peroxide removes stains, period. The tricky part is getting the solution that’s strong enough for your unique needs, custom built to fit your unique mouth, and convenient enough to not be a burden.

The whitening we offer at Really Smile Dentistry is exactly that. We’re confident that you’ll love the results that you get in just a few weeks of nightly whitening treatments. Don’t wait another day to come see us – that white smile is as close as your next appointment!

Call our Carmel office at 317-597-8748 or request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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