How the Romans Beat Us in Gum Disease

How the Romans Beat Us in Gum Disease

Posted by Really Smile Jan 25, 2015

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We love reading research about ancient ruins and people because we learn so much about how things have changed. Sometimes, the change is for the better. Other times, the change is for the worse. It allows us the chance to take a good look at what we are accomplishing as a society and where we are falling short. Recent looks at ancient Roman skulls gave us some great insight into the state of oral health and how it has changed.

The Romans Didn’t Take Great Care of Their Teeth

It’s true, the Romans didn’t take great care of their teeth. They rarely sought dental help, and most of the skulls were riddled with decay and abscesses, just as you would expect. However, there was a surprising discovery regarding gum disease. Only a small percentage of the Roman skulls contained signs of gum disease, yet a vast majority of our society is struggling with this same infection. What went wrong?

Evidence That Gum Disease is Habit-Related

Through looking at skulls over the centuries, researchers have discovered that gum disease really didn’t become a problem until our habits changed. Tobacco smoking, for example, became a very popular habit. Eating with unhealthy habits has led to an increase in diabetes, which is another contributing factor to gum disease. These habits have changed our society for the worse, allowing something like gum disease to take over our mouths and our health.

A couple of looks at Roman skulls tell us a lot about how we have lost ground in the fight for oral health. We know that the best way to prevent infection is through your oral hygiene and routine appointments, so call today to set up an appointment. We would love to hear from you soon to discuss your health habits!

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