How Often Should I Have a Dental Checkup?

How Often Should I Have a Dental Checkup?

Posted by Really Smile Jun 09, 2014

Dental Checkup in Carmel, IN

Coming in for regular dental checkups is important not just for having your teeth cleaned, but also so that your dentist can spot signs of trouble as early as possible. When problems such as tooth decay and gum disease are detected at an earlier stage, treatment can be done much more easily. It will also be less expensive in the long run, as you won’t have to avail of more complex procedures in order to have your teeth and gums fixed. While a good rule of thumb would be to visit your Carmel, IN dental clinic once every six months, you may have to visit more often if you are prone to developing plaque and other oral health issues.

Your dentist would be able to advise you on how often you should visit. But there are some people who belong to a high-risk group and would need to have their teeth and gums checked as often as every three to four months. People in this group include:

  • Those who smoke or chew tobacco
    • People with diabetes
    • Those who have a history of recurring gum disease
    • Patients who have a weak or compromised immune system
    • Individuals who tend to develop cavities from constant plaque build up

Even with regular brushing and flossing, you will still need to visit your dentist in order to have the hard to reach spots in your mouth cleaned thoroughly. There are also instances where a dental problem won’t even cause you any pain or won’t show any visible signs until it reaches a more advanced stage. Only your dentist would have the necessary training and experience in detecting these problems while they’re still at a developing phase.

Remember, sticking with good oral hygiene practices at home and visiting your dentist regularly will more likely keep your dental health in tip-top shape. If you haven’t had your teeth and gums checked in a while, then get in touch with Dr. David Smith of Really Smile Dental by calling 317-597-8748 right away.

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