How Much Do You Like Your Dentures?

How Much Do You Like Your Dentures?

Posted by Really Smile Apr 15, 2014

Dentures in Carmel, IN

Getting dental implants take some time to complete, from the insertion of the titanium posts to the healing of the gums and the placement of the abutment and crown, but it would be worth all the effort because implants look and feel as though they were natural teeth. A fixed bridge may take less time but valuable natural tooth enamel from both adjacent teeth would have to be filed down in the process, an unavoidable price to pay yet still a worthy one for a natural-looking, permanent replacement tooth because frankly, everyone wants to have beautiful teeth but no one wants other people to know they’re not real.

And true enough, this is the dilemma that many patients with removable dentures tackle each day. Dentures can look so perfect other people can easily know if you were wearing one, and it can make one feel very self-conscious once they start staring. And it can only make you more self-conscious once your dentures age and start to lose its good fit that you become worried over the possibility of them slipping or falling when you smile or speak.

Indiana top cosmetic dentist Dr. David A. Smith understands this predicament that’s why he provides only the best quality implant-supported dentures for his patients. With Dr. Smith’s high-level expertise, he creates natural looking dentures that are further stabilized in place by dental implants. The natural look comes from the teeth and gum contours and color that match those of your natural teeth.

Meanwhile, the stability comes from the dental implants that are accurately positioned beneath the gums and into the jawbone that snap-on to the retaining fixture attached to the dentures. You don’t only get to smile and speak more confidently but you can bite into and enjoy your favorite food again without having to worry about breaking your dentures.

On top of it all, Dr. Smith positions the dentures in such a way that they support your facial muscles and fill-out your face, giving you an instant facelift without the surgery. For this complete package of beauty, function and youth, call 317-597-8748 for an appointment with Dr. Smith at his Carmel, IN dental clinic, Really Smile Dentistry.

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