Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Dental Fears

Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Dental Fears

Posted by Really Smile Feb 23, 2014

Dental Fear in Carmel, IN

Your kids are scheduled to go for their first dental checkup in a few days, but they’re hoping that it doesn’t push through. They could be anxious and fearful of the dentist, especially if they’ve heard misleading stories from their friends or from shows and movies that they’ve seen on TV. Despite your kids’ anxieties, you know very well that giving them what they want can be more detrimental than beneficial to them. Caring for their oral health at an earlier age would ensure that they grow up with a brighter and healthier smile. Therefore, you should see to it that your kids get to successfully rid themselves of their apprehensions and fears of their dentist.

To help your kids overcome their dental fears, you may comply with the tips that we have outlined below:

  • Give them a background on dental checkups. When your kids know what usually takes place during a dental checkup, they’ll feel much better about receiving the necessary dental treatment.
  • Use friendlier terms to explain concepts to them. You can’t expect to eliminate your kids’ anxieties using strong words such as “prick” and “shot.” Thus, you should replace these words with friendlier terms like “point” and “ant bite.”
  • Never share your own traumatic dental experiences with them. Your kids are already frightened as it is, so telling them about their own traumatic dental experiences can only aggravate their fears.
  • Send them to bed early the night before their checkup. With an adequate amount of rest, your kids may have an easier time staying calm in the middle of their appointment.
  • Consider sedation dentistry. Aside from performing the above-mentioned practices, you may also get in touch with our Carmel, Indiana dental clinic to discuss the possibility of having your kids undergo nitrous oxide or oral sedation on their big day.

If your kids can’t seem to get over their dental fears, feel free to approach Dr. David Smith here at Really Smile or call him at 317-597-8748.

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