Get the Better Filling

Get the Better Filling

Posted by Really Smile Aug 06, 2014

Filling in Carmel, IN

When you open your mouth, really open it, and look at your teeth, what do you see? Do you see beautiful, white teeth, or do you see shrapnel plastered over several of your teeth? If you’ve been seeing a dentist for most of your life, it is very likely that you see the later. What you’re looking at are fillings made of silver or amalgam, and they might not be doing very well in there! We have a better solution for you at Really Smile: composite fillings.

Dentists have been using amalgam for a long time because it is a strong material. There are only a few problems with that. First, amalgam contains mercury, which has been known to leak from fillings. Second, a leaking filling allows bacteria to get underneath and wreak havoc! If you have a mouthful of amalgam fillings, it’s time to get those fillings checked, and possibly replaced with a tooth-colored, composite resin filling.

What Kind of Filling?

Fillings are now being made of composite resin material. It is pliable, which means we can give you a better fit for your filling, and we can manipulate the color so that it matches your teeth perfectly! The only people who will know you have had a filling are the people you choose to tell, because no one else will suspect a thing! Composite fillings better fill the space left by a cavity, which means you won’t have to worry about a leaky filling. In fact, we don’t have to remove as much of the healthy tooth to place a composite filling, which means your teeth will be stronger in the long run!

It’s time to consider getting better, stronger fillings to keep your teeth healthier. The cosmetic implications are really just the icing on the cake. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get the smile of your dreams, without feeling like a bomb went off in your mouth! We’d love to help you meet your smile goals!

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