Fast and Accurate Diagnosis with the Cone Beam Scanner

Fast and Accurate Diagnosis with the Cone Beam Scanner

Posted by Really Smile May 11, 2014

Cone Beam Scanner in Carmel, IN

If you’ve had some dental work done years back, you may remember how uncomfortable it is to have a dental X-Ray. You’ll have to sit or stand still for a while with a piece of film inside your mouth. You may even have to return for second visit to see the results, or worse, undergo a second X-Ray in case the first one didn’t come out right. Dr. David Smith understands the value of providing fast and accurate diagnostic services while providing a comfortable stay for all his patients at his Carmel, IN dental clinic. That’s why he has invested in getting the best dental equipment like the cone beam scanner.

Also known as 3-D cone beam imaging, this diagnostic equipment has numerous advantages over older technology such as two-dimensional X-Rays and other computed tomography (CT) imaging systems.
With the help of a cone beam scanner, your dentist is able to take images of your face and jaws in a single, quick scan. Other equipment will need multiple passes over your mouth in order to get the images that they need, which takes time and could be uncomfortable for most patients. And since these images are taken with the help of a computer and special software, they’re taken with a higher level of detail and clarity, so that your dentist is able to inspect your mouth and jaw from all angles on his computer’s screen.

One of the biggest benefits of using a cone beam scanner is that it produces less radiation compared to traditional X-Rays, which makes it safer to use in the long run. You also won’t have to worry about X-Ray films being placed in your mouth or undeveloped films as caused by human error since the cone beam scanner is all-digital. Your dentist is able to save the images in his computer so he can easily share it with a dental lab when fabricating restorations or store it along with your patient records for future use.

To learn more about the cone beam scanner and other advanced dental equipment, just call Dr. Smith at 317-597-8748 to set an appointment at his Carmel, IN dental clinic.

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