Establishing Peace between Yourself and Your Dentures

Establishing Peace between Yourself and Your Dentures

Posted by Really Smile Feb 21, 2014

Dentures in Carmel, IN

The news about receiving your dentures in a few weeks has made you a very happy person. With dentures at your disposal, you can easily smile at your neighbors or attract the attention of the apple of your eye. You also don’t have to deprive yourself of a delicious piece of steak or fried chicken. Furthermore, you can express yourself without sounding funny. Aside from that, you get to preserve your remaining natural teeth. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that dentures can’t give you any trouble. On the contrary, you may encounter some difficulties adjusting to your dentures for the first few days that you start wearing them.

To establish peace between yourself and your dentures, you must strictly follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Don’t speak and eat too hastily. Due to their removable nature, your dentures have a tendency of dropping out of your mouth whenever you speak and eat too fast.
  • Never hit the sack without taking them off. Removing your dentures before you go to bed at night makes it possible for your gums to take a well-deserved break.
  • Chop large foods into smaller portions. Chewing large foods without slicing them into tiny pieces may disrupt the stability of your dentures, increasing their chances of falling off.
  • Don’t let your children play with them. Your dentures are more than likely to break at the hands of children.
  • Find time to clean them. Although they’re just replacement teeth, your dentures may still fall prey to harmful bacteria. Therefore, you should find time to clean them using either a hand soap or denture cleanser.
  • Use warm and not hot water to rinse them. If your dentures are exposed to hot water, they may lose their shape.
  • Refrain from using toothpicks. Because toothpicks are sharp, they can easily damage your dentures.
  • Seek professional help with any denture-related concerns. Trying to address denture-related concerns on your own may lead to disastrous results. Thus, in case problems like loose dentures start plaguing you, you need to seek professional help immediately.

If you happen to be struggling with your dentures, you may talk to your Indiana top cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Smith, here at Really Smiles. You may also dial 317-597-8748 or accomplish our patient form to set an appointment at our Carmel, IN dental clinic.

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