End Your Headaches and Migraines with a Dental Solution

End Your Headaches and Migraines with a Dental Solution

Posted by Really Smile Apr 09, 2015

headaches and migraines in carmel, IN

Do you suffer from headaches that you just can’t explain? Maybe you wake up with a headache every morning, or you feel a headache build throughout each work day. Did you know that the solution for that headache could be right here in our Carmel, IN dental office?

That’s right. Headaches seem like a general practitioner type of problem, don’t they? But actually, headaches are really difficult to diagnose. Many GPs just aren’t able to figure out what is going on without running a bunch of tests, which can be very expensive for you. In most cases, they will recommend a medication and send you on your way.

You need a solution, and for many headache sufferers, that means coming into our dental office. You see, your headache could be completely unrelated to your teeth, but there is a good chance that there is a connection, and we can find out in a single appointment!

Your Headaches Could be Many Things

As we said before, there are many, many things that can cause a headache. To know if your headaches could be related to your teeth, you can look for some other signs. For example, your headaches will probably show up around the same time of day or night.

The headache might also be paired with clicking, popping, or an achiness in your jaw. In some cases, the pain doesn’t stop in your head, but it will stretch down your neck and into your shoulder. You might even experience sinus problems or ear pain! It’s all linked to a problem with your temporomandibular joint, your TMJ.

A Thorough Evaluation of Your TMJ

When you come into our office with these types of complaints, the first thing we are going to do is take a look at your TMJ. We will take digital images, do a thorough examination, and ask you questions about the problem. It won’t take very long for the diagnosis to be clear, if it is indeed your problem.

Finding the Solution to Your Headaches or Migraines

Once we know that your headaches are indeed connected to your TMJ, we will begin looking for a solution. This is where those questions come in really handy! We can find out what might be causing your pain and give you a solution that will address the cause, not the symptoms!

Simple Solutions
We’ll begin by looking into simple solutions. For many of our patients, that means simply giving their jaw a rest for a few weeks by eating soft foods, avoiding chewing gum, and adjusting posture.

Other patients will be having pain related to stress. For these patients, we might recommend some stress-relieving exercises throughout the day or ways to relax their jaw muscles before falling asleep at night.

Office-Driven Solutions
We will always try those conservative solutions before trying anything more drastic. For some patients, we will find that the TMJ pain is related to a habit they never knew they had: grinding teeth! We can offer oral appliances that will protect your teeth and TMJ from this bad habit.

In other cases, we will find damage through the images we take. When we find that damage has advanced beyond a reasonable level, we will have to try more advanced procedures, like surgery, to correct the problem.

Set Up an Appointment Today

Your life should never be run by headaches. If the pain is getting you down, it’s time to consider a consultation or appointment right here in the office. We would love to see you, but more importantly, we would love to see you free of headaches and migraines!

Contact us today to set up your next appointment. Let us know what’s going on with your jaw, and we will help you find a solution!

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