Don’t Ignore That Toothache!

Don’t Ignore That Toothache!

Posted by Really Smile Nov 05, 2015

toothache in Carmel, IN

Aches and pains come and go but a toothache is serious! Unlike a lot of other pains you experience a toothache is a sure sign that something is wrong. Left untreated dental pain can lead to serious secondary problems so make sure you’re seen at Really Smile in Carmel as soon as possible!

If you have a toothache that has lasted more than two days, is accompanied by a fever, is also swollen, Or hurts non stop then you need to be seen! Our goal is always to eliminate pain and help you feel better fast – we know how bad a toothache can be!

Toothache Causes And Treatments

By the time a dental health problem starts to hurt you’re already in trouble. We can help but it relies on quick treatment now!

Tooth Decay

Cavities are very common – over 90 percent of us will get one at some point in our lives! What isn’t as common is pain caused by tooth decay. When a cavity starts hurting it usually means one thing: the decay has reached the tooth root! Your roots are full of nerves and blood vessels and when bacteria reaches them it can start causing serious pain!

Treating an infected root is done in one way: a root canal. Don’t believe what people say about root canal, though. They relieve pain, save teeth, and prevent the spread of infection. Your mouth will be numbed so you won’t feel the procedure and most patients report immediate relief!

Dental Abscesses

There’s a reason why treating an infected root is important. When you don’t you can end up with an abscess. If you think the pain in your infected root is bad wait until you experience abscess pain! An abscess is an infection of the bone and soft tissue around a decayed tooth. It’s caused by the spread of infection from a root and can continue to grow without treatment!

If you have a fever or swelling along with your toothache you probably have an abscess. It’s important that we see you at our Carmel office right away! We’ll need to drain the abscess in order to remove the infection. In many cases we treat abscesses using root canals. This helps relieve the decay in the tooth that caused the abscess as well as giving us access to the abscess itself. When a root canal won’t work or the tooth is too far decayed we may have to extract your tooth. In very rare cases an abscess needs to be treated surgically.

Gum Disease

The pain associated with gum disease usually appears more in the form of tooth and gum sensitivity. In some cases the bacteria in your gums can lead to pain if a serious infection forms but this isn’t typical. If you’re experiencing temperature sensitivity, exposed sensitive tooth roots, red and inflamed gums, or sensitive gums that bleed easily you probably have gum disease.

We can treat your gum disease at Really Smile! We usually try conservative treatments such as root planing and scaling but if you have a serious or progressed case we’ll explore other options. We’ll work hard to ensure that your gum disease and pain are resolved!


Damage to your teeth can take many forms. In the cases of a serious accident you can have noticeably fractured or broken teeth but in many other instances you can suffer from microfractures that may not be visible at all!

These small fractures are often the most dangerous because you won’t know why you’re in pain! That’s yet another reason why a toothache is so dangerous! Microfractures can lead to decay, infection, and lots of serious conditions! We can treat fractures and trauma easily at Really Smile. Whether you need a filling, crown, or other restoration we’ll have your teeth restored and your pain relieved in no time!

The Key To Success: Don’t Wait!

Whether your pain is minor or is making you cry we need to see you right away! If you’re experiencing dental pain call our office today at 317-597-8748! For non-emergency needs you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to helping you!

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