Don’t Fear the Dentist

Don’t Fear the Dentist

Posted by Really Smile Sep 17, 2015

Dental Fear in Carmel IN

We understand how frightening dentistry can be – we do it every day! At Really Smile Dentistry we’ve seen countless patients who were uncomfortable with their care. With countless people scared of the dentist it’s part of our jobs to make sure that your care is comfortable, pain-free, and understanding of your fears and anxieties!

Modern dental technology, combined with a good old fashioned personal touch, has been able to resolve a lot of the common fears that dental patients face. That’s not always enough though, which is why we’ve designed our entire Carmel dentist office around great patient care!

What’s Your Dental Fear?

For many patients a fear of the dentist can be traced back to bad past experiences. Whether it was a rude dentist, a painful experience, or just bad results that experience can be scarring! At our Carmel dentist office we have a staff of highly skilled and compassionate individuals who exist to make your visit great! We always take the time to make sure you’re happy with your care. We want you to feel relaxed and at home when you’re with us!

For other patients the dentist is a source of financial worry – how can you possibly afford the care you need?! We understand this fear as well – dental care can be very expensive! That’s why we have several payment options and a team who is incredibly knowledgeable about dental insurance! We’ll help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your benefits and we’ll even handle the paperwork for you!

It’s also common for patients to neglect regular dental visits for a variety of reasons. The longer you wait the more you might be worrying about getting a lecture but don’t worry about that with us! If you’re returning to dental care after a long absence we’re glad to have you back! We’ll never lecture you, talk down to you, or make you feel bad – we just want you to have healthy teeth!

Far more common is just a simple fear of the pain that dentistry can cause! Your mouth is sensitive and there’s no way you’re going to let someone hurt it, right? That fear can end up being responsible for serious damage to your teeth if you leave them untreated, which is why we’re glad to be able to offer sedation dentistry for our frightened patients!

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation is the ideal solution for patients who are simply too scared to face dental care. We can have you feeling relaxed, comfortable and fear-free with our three methods of dental sedation!

Nitrous oxide is the most basic level of sedation we offer. Also called laughing gas, we deliver nitrous oxide through a nosepiece that you’ll wear during your procedure. It takes effect quickly and wears off just as quick so you’ll be in and out with ease! Nitrous oxide will make you feel calm and relaxed while still leaving you awake. You’ll be aware of your dental procedure but you simply won’t care!

We also offer oral conscious sedation. This is delivered as a pill that you take prior to your appointment. By the time you sit down in your dental chair you’ll already be feeling relaxed! Oral sedation is quite a bit stronger than nitrous oxide, so it’s ideal for patients undergoing longer procedures or for those who are very scared.

Our last option for sedation is very different from the other two. In fact it involves no drugs at all! Called NuCalm, this method is more of a complete system than a simple pill or gas. It uses several components to induce a deep, relaxed state that feels similar to meditation or the feeling you have right before you fall asleep.

NuCalm starts with a chewable dietary supplement, like a vitamin, that help reduce adrenaline levels. We then attach a pair of microcurrent stimulation patches behind your ears. These patches deliver a low-level electric current that helps put your brain into a relaxed state. Lastly are noise-cancelling earphones that deliver soothing sounds and music and light-blocking sunglasses.

It sounds hard to believe, but NuCalm has helped a lot of our patients feel better without the use of drugs!

No Matter Your Fear We Can Help!

We’re confident that we can help you feel comfortable with your dental care. Whether you’ve had previous bad experiences, are scared of pain, or simply worry about your finances we can deliver great results!

If you want to schedule an appointment at Really Smile Dental you can call us at 317-597-8748 or fill out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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