DIY Dentistry? Hold on a Minute!

DIY Dentistry? Hold on a Minute!

Posted by Really Smile Sep 29, 2015

DIY Dentistry in Carmel IN

It sounds like a completely crazy idea, but it’s one that’s actually taking hold, especially among teenagers! One of the main reasons for pursuing DIY dentistry is because it’s so much cheaper, making it an attractive choice for people who don’t have the money for care. But it doesn’t just stop at DIY braces for teenagers – there are a whole host of dental procedures that people are trying on their own!

At Really Smile Dentistry we think this is a serious problem! Your mouth is an incredibly complicated part of the body and any mistakes that are made can have devastating consequences! We want to talk to you about the dangers of DIY dentistry today – don’t risk your smile just to save a few bucks!

What Kind Of DIY Procedures Are There?

It’s most common to find teenagers trying to find a way to close gaps between their teeth or straighten a crooked tooth out. These might not sound like complicated procedures but the truth is far more detailed than it first appears!

The forces that braces exert on your teeth are very finely tuned and are planned with an understanding of your entire oral health and bone structure. Braces always involve complicated X-rays and images to ensure the proper use of force! When applied incorrectly you can end up with gum damage, discolored teeth, and even teeth that break or come completely out of your mouth!

There’s also a lot of info on the internet about DIY dental restorations. From people making and placing their own dental crowns to those providing step-by-step instructions for building your own false teeth (held in place with Gorilla Glue) all manner of treatments are found in DIY style!

There are even reports of one patient in Great Britain who tried to fashion his own full mouth splint. He ended up with a severely infected fractured tooth root under his DIY dental appliance and had to be seen at the hospital to have the splint and his infected tooth removed!

These are just some of the DIY dental procedures that people are trying, and all of them have one thing in common: they’re incredibly risky!

The Risks Of DIY Dentistry

It’s hard to figure out just how many problems you can run into when trying to perform dentistry at home. First, there is an incredible amount of training and knowledge necessary to make modifications to your teeth and gums without risk of serious harm. As dentists we train for years to learn to provide safe, effective care. Our hygienists are well-trained and educated too! And our dental assistants also have a vast store of knowledge to draw on!

The tools needed to perform dentistry are also incredibly detailed and specifically made. One patient who was crafting DIY crowns suggested using a common household drill for reducing the tooth! That’s beyond dangerous, especially when performing it on yourself!

We also take extreme care to be sure that your treatment is sterile and won’t cause secondary infection. Our tools and equipment are sterilized and designed for the exact task we need them for!

Don’t Take Your Smile Into Your Hands!

Whether you’re in need of a crown, bridge, fillings, Invisalign to straighten your teeth, or need a full mouth rejuvenation you don’t need to take such dangerous risks! We’re here and ready to make your dental care experience a good, safe, and effective one!

If you’re concerned about caring for your dental treatments don’t be! We offer CareCredit and several financing options. We also have a team of incredibly skilled dental insurance professionals who can ensure you’re getting the most out of your benefits! We’re here to help you get great care without breaking the bank!

Before you take the risk of treating your own oral health problems call our Carmel dentist office at 317-597-8748! You can also request an appointment with our Really Smiles Dental team by filling out our online form! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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