Dental Veneers to Drastically Change Tooth Appearance

Dental Veneers to Drastically Change Tooth Appearance

Posted by Really Smile Apr 15, 2014

Dental Veneers in Carmel, IN

Did you know that about 23% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have dental decay that has been left untreated. Around 30 million people are missing their teeth entirely, and a countless number of Americans struggle with concerns over dental appearance.

When it comes to tooth beauty, an affordable dentist can help. Minimal dental stains can be removed with dental whitening, and teeth can appear up to 10 shades lighter after a single treatment. When teeth have deeply ingrained stains, then even the best cosmetic dentist cannot release the debris stuck in the teeth. If these stained teeth are also chipped, cracked, or small, then more advanced solutions, like dental veneers, may be the best option. What are dental veneers, and are they a good choice for you?

1. Cosmetic teeth veneers are created in a personalized manner. A dentist takes an impression of the teeth that is then sent to a dental laboratory. There, a dental technician uses this impression to create a plaster or wax mold of the mouth. The mold is then scanned so that computer technology can create the veneers. The formed dental coverings are secured on the mold to ensure the best fit, and then the dentist receives the veneers. The entire process usually takes about two weeks, and dentists secure veneers immediately after receiving them.

2. Dental veneers actually protect the teeth. Cosmetic teeth veneers are glued directly over the dental enamel to create an impenetrable barrier. The barrier reduces the amount of bacteria that forms in the mouth, making it more difficult for dental decay to occur. Also, by covering the teeth, dental sensitivities from thinned tooth enamel are completely reduced. Dental infection risks decline, and individuals with dental veneers are less likely to require dental extractions.

3. Veneers look and feel real. This means that patients can present a perfect smile without people recognizing that veneers are secured on the teeth. The porcelain used during the dental veneer process produces a color that is much like natural tooth enamel. The shimmer or shine of the teeth mimics a natural appearance as well, and porcelain resists staining and offers a smooth texture against the tongue.

4. Most people only require one or two sets of dental veneers. This makes veneers a great investment. The veneers are strong and resistant to pressure and stress just like the teeth, and the dental coverings wear down very slowly over time. With good care, the veneers last 10 to 15 years. Once the veneers wear down, a cosmetic dentist will start to replace the veneers. The replacement process is much easier than the initial placement of the veneers, because the teeth are already prepared. No grinding or acid etching is required. The bonds with the adhesive material behind the veneers is broken down and new dental impressions are created.

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