Dental Crowns for Cosmetic Improvement

Dental Crowns for Cosmetic Improvement

Posted by Really Smile Apr 05, 2015

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The look of your smile is an important aspect of the way you feel about yourself. If your smile is unattractive, embarrassing, or too broken-down to show, it’s time that you considered improvements! Dental crowns are a great way to improve your smile’s look in the Indianapolis area.

There are many ways to improve the look of your smile, but the trick is to find the one that works best for you and your smile. There are many things to consider, and we are here to help you make those considerations to find a great solution!

Here at Really Smile, we believe that there is no smile that is too-far-gone for improvement. There is always a way to address your smile’s needs, and we have it available right here in our office! Let’s take a look at the use of dental crowns for cosmetic improvement.

Many Forms of Cosmetic Improvement

As we said a few moments ago, there are many forms of cosmetic improvement. We can whiten your teeth, lengthen your teeth, adjust the alignment of your teeth, cover cosmetic damage, and even replace missing teeth!

We have many small cosmetic procedures that can take care of each of these ailments, yet there is one cosmetic improvement that can take care of all of these problems in one placement. It is the dental crown.

Dental Crowns for Health Purposes

Generally we think of the dental crown being used for health purposes. In other words, we use a crown to restore a tooth that is too damaged to function on its own. We use crowns to restore teeth that have large, failing fillings. We use crowns to restore teeth that have endured root canals. We use crowns to hold together teeth that are broken. Even with all of these health benefits, dental crowns hold yet another purpose: cosmetic improvement.

Dental Crowns for Cosmetic Purposes

Dental crowns are made of a beautiful porcelain. We use the iTero to take digital impressions of your teeth which are then used to craft the perfect crowns for your smile. The crown itself will cover the entire tooth, so you’ll never feel like you’re wearing a mask on the fronts of your teeth. You will forget your crowns are even there!

The results look and feel like your natural teeth. Even if you only need one crown, we can match that crown to the rest of your teeth perfectly so that your smile blends together as a mixture of natural and crowned teeth!

Broken Teeth
Teeth break. It doesn’t take much for it to happen, especially when your teeth are getting older. A broken tooth doesn’t always mean that your tooth will become damaged by bacteria, but it might mean that your tooth looks pretty ugly in your smile.

A dental crown can take care of both problems. The crown will encapsulate your tooth giving you protection and a flawless smile.

Extreme Staining
We offer some of the most advanced teeth whitening in the Indianapolis area, but there are some stains that are beyond our ability to correct with traditional whitening procedures. If a stained tooth is also chipped or broken (as they often are), you will be looking for a cosmetic solution that can take care of it all.

You are looking for a cosmetic crown solution. This solution not only ends the damage to your teeth, but it will cover the extreme staining problem! It will be like having a new set of teeth!

Changing the Shape of Your Smile
Sometimes the shape of your teeth can have a very negative impact on the shape of your overall smile. Little teeth that have been worn down from years of biting and chewing, stumpy teeth that never grew out as far as they should have, and teeth that just never quite matched or lined up the right way can all have a negative impact on the shape of your smile.

If you want something that looks more professional, more aligned, and more stunning, you might need to consider cosmetic crowns. They look best when we place them in even sets. We can begin with two and see how you like them. If you enjoy the improvement to your smile, we will keep placing pairs of crowns until you have an entirely new smile!

Learn More Today

Dental crowns serve many functions in the world of dentistry. We most often use crowns to restore teeth that are unhealthy, but this amazing restoration makes a great cosmetic improvement as well!

Contact us today to set up an appointment or consultation where you can learn more about dental crowns and their uses. We would love to see your smile improved with this or one of our other fantastic procedures!

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