Dental Care During Cancer Treatment

Dental Care During Cancer Treatment

Posted by Really Smile Oct 15, 2014

Dental Care in Carmel, IN

October is breast cancer awareness month, which draws a lot of attention to the issues of cancer and those fighting it. While October focuses on one type of cancer, we choose to remember all of those fighting this terrible disease. Here at the dental office, we can offer some support to those going through chemotherapy and radiation by offering advice for keeping your mouth healthy while you fight.

Taking Care of Infections Before They Begin

One of the greatest risks during treatment is that of infection. Any infection can stall or stop your treatment, which is why it’s important to keep gum disease out of your mouth. Come see us regularly to prevent gingivitis, and be sure to maintain your oral hygiene routine.

Stay Hydrated with Water and Ice Chips

Keeping your body and mouth hydrated is another important part of keeping yourself healthy. If you are feeling sick to your stomach, ice chips can sometimes hydrate while being easy on the stomach.

Keep Soft, Cool Foods on Hand

There will be days when your mouth is simply too sensitive to handle eating solid foods. Sharp and tough foods can irritate your cheeks and gums, so it’s important to keep soft and cool foods on hand so that you can eat something nutritious without causing pain and discomfort.

We want to offer complete support to our patients who are in the throes of battle against cancers of all kinds. If you have questions or concerns regarding the health of your mouth while undergoing treatment, please give us a call! Contact us to set up your next appointment, and let us know how we can help you through this time.

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