Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease with Preventive Oral Care

Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease with Preventive Oral Care

Posted by Really Smile May 07, 2014

Preventive Oral care in Carmel, IN

One of the deadliest health problems that we face nowadays is heart disease. According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 600,000 cases of fatal heart attacks will affect Americans this year. While regular exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way in keeping a strong heart, frequent visits to your Indiana dentist for preventive dental care can help lessen your risk of heart disease as well.

Since our mouths are open pathways into our body, researchers have suggested that those who suffer from frequent oral problems such as gum disease can introduce infections from the mouth straight into the body. Moreover, bacteria from bleeding and infected gums can enter the bloodstream and attach to our blood vessels, where they can form clots. These clots block the proper flow of blood to our hearts, where an increase in blood pressure can lead to further risk of suffering from a heart attack.

Dentists like Dr. David A. Smith of Really Smile Dentistry are aware of the risks that oral disease poses on our heart and general health. That’s why he provides Healthy Heart Dentistry in the form of preventive dental care. While regular brushing and flossing can keep cavities and gum disease at bay, twice a year checkups from your dentist along with professional dental cleanings will help remove stubborn bacteria in and around your gums and in the hard to reach spots inside your mouth. By preventing these problems from happening, or from getting worse, you get to enjoy a healthier smile and an even healthier body.

If you are prone to cavities or gum disease, then it’s best to visit your dentist more often. When oral problems are detected and treated at an earlier stage, you get to save money and prevent discomfort that stem from undergoing more complex dental procedures. It’s easier and much more comfortable to get a tooth repaired with a dental filling today than to have it removed when the tooth experiences advanced decay at a later stage.

Schedule your checkup with Indiana top cosmetic dentist Dr. David A. Smith by calling Really Smile Dentistry at (317) 682-0884. You may also book a visit at our Carmel, IN dental clinic by filling out our online form.

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