Cosmetic Dentistry Without the Hassle

Cosmetic Dentistry Without the Hassle

Posted by Really Smile Aug 22, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry in Carmel, IN

It’s difficult to walk into a room full of people and smile when you aren’t completely happy with your smile. Even if all you have is a few small imperfections, it can be enough to make you lose confidence and poise when asked to smile for pictures, or when meeting an important client or boss. Complex cosmetic procedures just aren’t on your list of possibility, so you are kind of stuck. We have a cosmetic solution that is not complex. In fact, it doesn’t even require sedation or local anesthesia! Dental bonding can correct small flaws in your teeth without any hassle!

Small chips, cracks, gaps, and discolored areas are frustrating. You might feel silly wanting to have dental work done because the problem isn’t something serious, it just makes you feel a little uneasy. If you aren’t completely confident, it is a problem that needs to be fixed. Dental bonding can correct all of those issues without making you feel like you’re undergoing complex dentistry! We can have you in and out in one appointment, and you will feel the difference every time you smile!

An Assist from Dental Bonding

We use composite resin to complete bonding procedures. This resin can be made any color, so you know we’ll get a great match for your teeth. It is extremely pliable, so we can use it any way we need to. We simple take some of the bonding, and layer it over the problem area until it is the best fit and corrects the problem in your smile. Bonding will dry solid, giving you a secure solution to your dental flaw without any of the pain or hassle of complex cosmetic work.

Don’t settle for imperfections in your smile! If you are unhappy, we are unhappy. Dental bonding is a great way to get help for those little areas that can cause you major frustrations! Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’d love to help you get the smile of your dreams without any of the hassle.

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