Consider 80 Million Guests Under the Mistletoe

Consider 80 Million Guests Under the Mistletoe

Posted by Really Smile Dec 17, 2014

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We always knew that kissing our loved ones during flu season was a bad idea. Exchanging germs is a great way to get everyone in your household ill, but is there any effect for your smile? After all, bacteria in your mouth is the cause of decay, gum disease infection, and bad breath. Could swapping the estimated 80 million bacteria with your significant other do damage to your smile?

Sounds Worse Than it Is

First of all, 80 million bacteria is a small number compared to the trillions of bacteria that live in your mouth at any moment. This is the amount of bacteria researchers estimate is exchanged during a 10-second, intimate kiss. Most of that bacteria is swept away quickly thanks to saliva, but some sticks around. If you are your partner are kissing 8-10 times each day, you have already exchanged so much bacteria that your entire bacteria environment is practically identical! Even so, you might not want to lock lips with just anyone.

Oral Health Care Keeps You Safe

Your oral hygiene routine is what will protect your teeth from any harm, even if you do catch someone under the mistletoe with less than stellar oral health. Flossing, brushing, and sometimes using a good rinse will keep your mouth healthy and strong, allowing you to enjoy every unexpected moment this holiday season.

Go out and enjoy yourself at your next holiday party, and remember that practicing great oral hygiene is the ticket to excellent oral health. Contact us today to set up your next appointment for a cleaning or checkup. We would love to see you very soon!

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