Changing the Way You View Sedation

Changing the Way You View Sedation

Posted by Really Smile Nov 03, 2014

Sedation in Carmel, IN

If you’ve been paying attention to the dental world over the past decade, you have probably noticed a trend towards using sedation in dentistry. The benefits are monumental, and patients who have been avoiding the office for years are now completely comfortable to step through the doors and get their work done. However, not everyone is excited about these prospects.

Some patients feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking a strong sedative just for a dental appointment. There could be many underlying causes for this feeling, but the sentiment is the same. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the prescription, we are one of the few offices offering an alternative form of sedation that works with your body to achieve the same type of results, without the medication!

NuCalm Makes You Calm

NuCalm relaxation dentistry is something entirely new! It works in four parts to counteract adrenaline, stimulate deep relaxation, and remove sound and light distractions. The idea is to put you in a state similar to the first stage of sleep. You will rest in that stage until we are finished and are able to “wake” you up. Even our patients who don’t normally take sedatives find themselves enjoying the NuCalm experience because it is so entirely peaceful!

NuCalm is perfect for just about any patient. There is nothing to fear from the process, and you won’t have the side-effects often associated with prescription sedation. Contact us today to learn more about NuCalm. We would love to help you find the most relaxing way to experience dental work!

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