Bracing Yourself for Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Bracing Yourself for Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Posted by Really Smile Feb 13, 2014

Nitrous oxide in Carmel, IN

As soon as you find out that you’re scheduled for your routine dental check-up in a few days, you end up sweating profusely. You know that this will be a problem as you’ll have to cope with your dental anxiety. Fortunately, your Indiana dentist has agreed to perform nitrous oxide sedation on you before working on your teeth, to help you calm down and remain comfortable during treatment. That definitely sounds like great news since nitrous oxide sedation can save you from the physical and emotional torment that your procedure can trigger.

To ensure your safety while undergoing nitrous oxide sedation, we have provided some preparation guidelines that you must follow to the letter:

  • Take note of your dentist’s every word. Focusing your attention on everything your dentist tells you gives you an opportunity to obtain important information on nitrous oxide sedation, which you can use to prepare yourself better.
  • Stay away from caffeine-rich beverages. Being a stimulant, caffeine can counter whatever effects the sedative gas may have on you.
  • Contact your dentist in the event that you experience difficulty breathing through your nose. When you undergo nitrous oxide sedation with a congested nose, you may not be able to inhale an adequate amount of the sedative gas. Therefore, in case you develop breathing problems, you need to contact your dentist, so that he can postpone your appointment and wait until you’re fully recovered to push through with it.
  • Hit the sack early the night before your procedure. Getting enough sleep makes it easier for you to relax all throughout your procedure.
  • Control your appetite at least six hours before your procedure. Eating before your procedure can cause you to vomit while having your teeth examined and cleaned.

If you’re nervous about undergoing nitrous oxide sedation, don’t hesitate to drop by our Carmel, Indiana dental clinic. You may also call 317-597-8748 or book a consultation through our online form.

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