Before and After Endodontic Therapy

Before and After Endodontic Therapy

Posted by Really Smile Apr 05, 2014

Endodontic Therapy in Carmel, IN

During its early stages, tooth decay can be treated either by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth or receiving a tooth-colored filling. However, these practices may prove to be ineffective when you suffer from severe tooth decay. Such cases may require you to have your decayed tooth extracted. The good news is a procedure known as endodontic therapy can rid you of your cavity while saving you the trouble of having your decayed tooth pulled out of your mouth.

To keep yourself comfortable during and after endodontic therapy, you must adhere to the following tips:

Before undergoing endodontic therapy

• Lay off solid foods a few days before your procedure. Your affected tooth needs to be well-rested once it gets operated on. Therefore, you should eat only soft foods a few days before your procedure.

• Refrain from taking an aspirin 10 days before your procedure. Because it is a blood thinner, an aspirin can cause problems while you’re undergoing endodontic therapy.

• Don’t smoke and drink alcoholic beverages at least 12 hours before your procedure. The nicotine and alcohol in your bloodstream can nullify any effect that the local anesthetic may have on you, making you more uncomfortable in the process.

• Put on clothes that can easily be rolled up. Your dentist might monitor your blood pressure while performing endodontic therapy on you.

After undergoing endodontic therapy

• Avoid chewing your meals with your affected tooth. Using your affected tooth to chew your food right after endodontic therapy can cause it to hurt more.

• Stay away from cigarettes until your tooth completely heals. Smoking without giving your tooth time to heal allows carcinogens and other poisons to infect it.

• Always remember to take your post-operative medications. By religiously taking your post-operative medications, you can decrease any discomfort and swelling that you may experience.

If you seek expert advice on surviving endodontic therapy, you may drop by our Carmel, Indiana dental clinic or schedule an appointment by calling 317-597-8748.

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