Are You Ruining Your Teeth With These Foods?

Are You Ruining Your Teeth With These Foods?

Posted by Really Smiles Jul 14, 2014

bad foods in Carmel, IN

Do you have a crippling fear of the dentist? Does most of your anxiety have something to do with dentists’ drills and similarly sharp tools? Researchers have good news. “Shining a light from a low-powered laser, about the brightness of a sunlit day, enabled the teeth to regrow dentine, the inner material that makes up the bulk of the tooth,” a bio-engineer and research from Harvard explains. In other words, soon the best cosmetic dentists and traditional local dentists will be able to help you without a drill and/or painful surgery. Before it comes to that, however, what are some of the best ways to care for your smile and teeth?

Skip The Pickle
Aside from mayonnaise, pickles may easily be American’s favorite sandwich topper. What’s the bad news? Pickles can wreak havoc on your teeth. Although tooth enamel is the hardest surface on the body, it can still be easily worn away by some surprising foods and beverages. Highly acidic foods, like vinegar, are among the top culprits — and pickles are filled with it (or literally bottled and preserved in it). If you must have a pickle, wait 45 minutes to an hour after eating them to brush your teeth. This will give the vinegar and acid time to neutralize — and prevent it from wearing away the enamel on your teeth. Dentists also recommend brushing a minimum of twice daily to prevent serious dental problems, such as tooth loss and tooth decay.

Candy Isn’t The Worst Thing For Your Teeth
Approximately 20% of Americans ages 35 to 44 have periodontal disease, and misinformation may be largely to blame. Hard candy isn’t great for your teeth, but the majority of Americans do not realize that some sweets and foods are markedly worse. What are the worst foods and sweets? Any foods that are likely to stick around (literally!) can result in bacteria buildup and cavities. Foods like raisins, caramel, and other sticky substances are the worst ones to have — especially if you are trying to cut back on cavities.

The best cosmetic dentists are throwing away their drills and sharp tools in favor of non-invasive and painless lasers. Before it comes to cosmetic procedures, however, consider avoiding foods with a lot of vinegar and foods that still stick to your teeth hours later.

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