A Denture Solution to Make Your Feel 10 Years Younger

A Denture Solution to Make Your Feel 10 Years Younger

Posted by Really Smile Nov 19, 2014

Dentures in Carmel, IN

When most people think about dentures, they think about “old” people wearing poorly fitted dentures. In most cases, denture wearers are obvious because their cheeks are sunken in, their lips are pursed, and you can see them struggling to chew their food. These denture wearers that you see are wearing the least expensive, easy to get dentures on the market, but they are paying the price in comfort.

The problem with dentures is that they don’t address the entire tooth. Dentures do nothing to restore the missing tooth roots from your mouth. Your jawbone relied on those roots for stability and support. Without the roots, the jawbone loses mass, which is what causes the sunken face, slippery dentures, and general “old” person look to your face. However, there is another option with our implant-supported denture solution.

Two Parts to an Amazing Smile

Our denture solution has two fantastic parts. The first part is the placement of implants. We will place a few around each arch. This will prevent your jawbone from losing mass, and it will also hold your dentures steady. The second part of our denture solution is a set of dentures made to fit your mouth perfectly. They will look and feel natural so that you can feel confident as you eat, speak, and smile. The combination of these two parts makes for an amazing denture solution.

Before you settle for less-than-amazing dentures, come see us for a consultation. We might surprise you with what we are able to offer our patients. Contact us today to set up that appointment. Come find out what it means to Really Smile with dentures!

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